Monday, October 31, 2011

Word Cloud

Wordle: post

This is a word cloud made from the first paragraph of a post on Corporate Ontology Webs. Wordle does this from the web.  This program is a term extractor, it sort of automates the process of generating search terms tat might find the post.  But more complete semantic analyzers are available that separate sentences, and preserve some ordering of terms.

Herman Cain suffes a bit of the castration anxiety

Politico investigated the claims, and Herman may have a fear of losing his manhood! Boy, that can be a problem, a president who is unsure of his own sexual identity and needs to harrass women.

The real problem with the American Jobs Act

It isn't about jobs, it is about the federal taxpayer issuing a glob of dollars into the pension funds of California and Illinois pension funds.  It will be a direct gift of stocks and bonds to teachers pensions.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Big buses

The Phileas website mentions some impressive headline technical specifications: The 26m hybrid diesel-electric version carries a maximum of 141 passengers and has a turning radius of only 12.5m (thanks to all wheel steering).  This largely neutralizes concerns expressed by several commentators about buses leading to frequency overkill, or large buses failing to navigate through K’ Road.  One of the most exciting developments included in the Phileas is its electrical guidance systems, which basically means it can steer itself – removing the need for drivers and potentially saving heaps in operational costs Auckland Transport Blog

Single celled animal as big as an apple

The discovery by the Scripps Institute of Oceanography at UC San Diego took a peek into the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean. There, they found "xenophyophores," single-celled creatures that can exceed four inches in diameter and can survive under the harshest conditions known to man. To be clear, that's almost a normal-sized Subway sandwich made from one cell. Hell, it is actually the size of a Subway sandwich, if they scrimp at all. dvice

Web bots retreat to the arctic, plot next move

Drawn by the promise of lower electricity costs, a growing number of tech companies are harnessing the region’s abundant cold air to cool their servers, cutting expensive air-conditioning out of the equation. Marginal Revolution

High speed, accurate retrieval in corporate ontologies

The goal is to make the median corporate document accessible with two to three search words. That means rapid, forward traversal of large corporate meshes, matching a client supplied ontology to contiguous portions of the large mesh. The grammar of the ontology is a simple form:

A two operator (so far) algebra with distributive property and partial associative property (partial ordering). the a,b,c.. are partially ordered elements of keyword class (which may be subclassed). The two operators are predicates on the one forward link. The one forward link may also be a terminal, a URL or RDF pointer.
So we have the basic store of a node:

Though we include any proprietary extension field vendors may add, including click through counts.

If the link does not point to an external URL terminal, then it points to a node of the ontology segment in which it is contained (with the and/or predicate). Ontology segments are meant to be stored in separate object stored in nested compact order for fast searching. So the internal node pointer may be relative to the current object store or may reference an absolute object store. So the ontology machine runs in the background optimizing the placement of the ontology among object stores to, again, maximize search entropy.

So we can see why an embedded sqlite, accessed via te native programming interface, would be very popular with large search vendors. As an open source project, the industry could generate an extensible engine, getting the right mix of proprietary extensions a basic ontology engine.

At least that is how the Imagisoft systems imagine it.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Egyptians have a hard time preserving female chastity

Cairo—Ali, a 34-year-old Cairo businessman who asked that his real name not be used, is weighing whether or not to circumcise his 12-year-old daughter. Female circumcision, or female genital mutilation (FGM), as it also known, involves removing part or the entire clitoris. In more severe forms of the procedure, the labia minora is removed and the vaginal opening is stitched up. TNR
Egyptian Islamic boys are jackasses, I think, is the real problem.

The attack of the GASB

The new urgency to reform California’s public pensions is being driven by the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) new public sector accounting rules that will require the State of California and local governments to triple their annual pension contributions. There is no law that can force California to comply with GASB; but failure to do so will result in the State’s auditor issuing a “qualified opinion” regarding the reliability of the state’s financials. Eighteen months ago Greece’s auditors issued this type of opinion. The credit rating agencies downgraded Greece’s debt; causing borrowing costs rise above to 20% and destroy the nation. Breitbart


Why Would Europe Need To Ask China For Euros?

After all, they have the printing press!

 Somewhere in his economic readings, he might note that many Europeans and foreign banks already hold Euros, and they never agreed that the ECB can crank up the printing press. China, especially, holds lots of Euros and China holds promises of future euro payments from euro borrowers.

The printing press is an attack on current and future holders of the fiat.

Designing the corporate ontology engine

The corporate semantic mesh we need contains two type of information, key words or phrases, you or I might type, and resource pointers. These are the ins and outs. So lets not define any more atoms than that, Internal to the data base we can keep click through statistics. Internally we might have type modifiers on the basic two types of elements.

Each node, in its minimal form, contains a list of keywords and a forward resource pointer. If a keyword in the list meets a sufficient match, then pull up the resource pointer.

Keywords can be typed, common words, proper names and phrases, built in types. Resource pointers can be types; a relative node name or a url reference, which may itself be a semantic graph or a returnable url.

Store great masses of contiguous graph serially into sql with rapid nested order retrieval. Keep whatever indices needed, internally, for fast retrieval. Publish a simple format so semantic analyzers and other processes can generate dense ontologies of text for submission.
Using WebSql or IndexDB, the engine can locate an entire sub branch of the ontology, and search it in place, skipping through a linear database. We never really need to retrieve an entire tree and can dispense with the DOM format. In the call back routine from the record base, just execute the graph traversal (queries are represented as graph traversals).

We need an open source version, Semantic Lite, built with javascript and the browser database. We all need a simple javascript semantic analyzer.

Wind cycles and the rise of alcohol technology

If the wind blows at night but nobody is consuming electricity then, what is the value of wind farms? Matt Kahn
Talking about this article:
ELKINS, W.Va. — Another wind farm opened on another windy ridge in West Virginia this week, 61 turbines stretched across 12 miles, generating up to 98 megawatts of electricity. But the novel element is a cluster of big steel boxes in the middle, the largest battery installation attached to the power grid in the continental United States. NYT
The issue here is the great stumbling block, how to store energy. Matt suggests storing the energy in electric cars at night. I suggest the industrial goal here is the generation of alcohol with atomic level nanotech. Look at the idea of the methanol economy The energy storage of methanol, its easy manufacture combined with nanotech based conversion and we have the winning fuel storage. The link as the appropriate equations:
More importantly, methanol can also be produced from CO2 by catalytic hydrogenation of CO2 with H2 where the hydrogen has been obtained from water electrolysis. Methanol may also be produced through CO2 electrochemical reduction, if electrical power is available. The energy needed for these reactions in order to be carbon neutral would come from renewable energy sources such as wind, hydroelectricity and solar as well as nuclear power. In effect, all of them allow free energy to be stored in easily transportable methanol, which is made immediately from hydrogen and carbon dioxide, rather than attempting to store energy in free hydrogen.
CO2 + 3H2 → CH3OH + H2O
CO2 +2H2O + electrons → CO + 2H2 (+ 3/2 O2) → CH3OH
The best source of O2 is from the ocean. So the methanol economy starts with electricity from wind driving active methanol generation at coastal stations. Use the electricity to supply free electrons to nanotech hydrogenation process, getting vaporous CO2 and H2O from sea water. I will become he human search engine in this project.

Go here and read up on some exciting results of new intermediate forms of CO2 that make hydrogenation much ore efficient.

An ontological study of economic blogs

Right here. Making the rounds. All the talk on the webosphere at the moment.

How would the Imagisoft ontology engine handle this? Why one could tag all the globs on the Economic Round Table, add in the major blog not listed, keep tagging economic blogs. The semantic enalyzer would chew through these blogs, extracting the unquoted text.
Aside: Right away we want some agreement between bloggers and the analyzer. When text is unquoted, it is your own, the original.
But anyway, the machine chews through the blogs creating the economic blog raw mesh. That mesh slowly morphs, it grows a canonical semantic map that links into the mesh. The construction of the map is defined by click through statistics.

An open ontology engine operating with graph morphing rules, might semantically mesh both Wiki and the economic blogs, identifying proper names and gradually settling on wiki format for bios. That kind of migration would be driven by click thrus. Both readers, authors and the semantic search graph reach a maximum entropy encoding of the underlying mesh.
HT Mankiw

Imagisoft, where we imagine better things!

Unemployed worn out STEM guy

STEM jobs?
The acronym STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The STEM fields are those academic and professional disciplines that fall under the umbrella areas represented by the acronym.
Good grief. I would think technology will move thing around so cheaply that custom furniture design in the garage workshop would be profitable.

Let's talk about semantic analyzers

I see a few of these in my human web search job. They are very good. Being my blog let me take a quick pass of what I hink is a standard semantic analyzer.

Its major function is to take plain text and generate dense ontology maps, using key words. What are key words? First, they are sequences of letters, without spaces, that can be looked up in a standard dictionary. Second they may be text phrases having spaces that have special connotation. Third, a key word may be a date, a location, a relative time. The third groups admits of Built in formats. Then there is a group of small grammatical connector words, usually dispensed with. And so on, various categories of phrase conversion may be the first phase of analysis.  The semantic machine reduces the text, partially, and generates the ontology of keywords, partially matching the order in which they appear.

In the Imagisoft system, I can imagine the system administrator having a slider knob that lets him set the density of output from the machine. Each piece of submitted corporate text will be inserted into the corporate ontology mesh, the raw material. How that corporate mesh evolves over time is set by the administrator with slider knobs. I would encourage employees o keep a bare bones blog in which to submit raw text.

What is an Ontology Engine?

A semantic reasoner, reasoning engine, rules engine, or simply a reasoner, is a piece of software able to infer logical consequences from a set of asserted facts or axioms. The notion of a semantic reasoner generalizes that of an inference engine, by providing a richer set of mechanisms to work with. The inference rules are commonly specified by means of an ontology language, and often a description language. Many reasoners use first-order predicate logic to perform reasoning; inference commonly proceeds by forward chaining and backward chaining. There are also examples of probabilistic reasoners, including Pei Wang's non-axiomatic reasoning system, Novamente's probabilistic logic network, and Pronto - probabilistic description logic reasoner. Someone wrote in Wiki

I think a better way to put it is that the ontology engine perform morphologies of the ontology web such as graph search, graph expansions, reduction; all operations the ontology garph performed y the ontology ennine. The ontology engine continually morphs the ontology graph such that click thrus and semantic search strings are matched to precision.

The Geeks could construct the entire thing around SQL lite.

How about the Ret Algorithm:
The Rete algorithm provides a generalized logical description of an implementation of functionality responsible for matching data tuples ("facts") against productions ("rules") in a pattern-matching production system (a category of rule engine). A production consists of one or more conditions and a set of actions which may be undertaken for each complete set of facts that match the conditions. Conditions test fact attributes, including fact type specifiers/identifiers. The Rete algorithm exhibits the following major characteristics:

I don't get how the domain of ontology matches with RDF respurce pointers, except the ontolofy ultimately points to a RDF, possibly. But the ontology domain is entirely plan English (or other) words arranged as an indexing system. The ontology system as simple in and outs. In is plan text, which becomes, internally, the raw ontology mesh of the clients. Clients search, or specify, with a partially ordered set of plan language keywords. The result is a list of URL, and possible RDF, pointers, partially displayed. URL, RDF, no where play an internal role inthe onology engine, they are simply atomic outcomes.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Back to Italy

First it was Greece, then Ireland, then back to Greece, on to Portugal, stop in Spain, back to Ireland, on to Italy, then France, return to Greece and now back to Italy.
Italians yields jump after disappointing auction
LONDON, Oct 28 (Reuters) - Italian government bond yields extended their rise on Friday after a disappointing debt auction suggested a euro zone rescue deal had not gone far enough to restore investor appetite for Italian debt.

Italy's sale of 7.94 billion euros of government bonds met lower demand than at previous auctions and the country paid the highest premium since joining the single currency to sell 10-year debt.

"Today you've had a weak auction and yields are up ... along the curve. I think that tells you all you need to know about what the bond market's reaction to the summit is," said Brian Barry, analyst at Evolution Securities.

Chart of he day

This is not good news, never since 1980 (except 2008) has M1V dropped so fast, so far and continues to do so.  Is the 2.5% growth real or fake?  I think we will see a revision down to below 2%.  We may be have fewer transactions with larger values.  That is slightly better news.

Ontology reduction rules

I suggested one, cropping euivalent sets of key word to have uniform clikc thrus.

What do we vall i when we preced a graph with a keyword?
Sep 28, 1997 becomes data.Sep 28, 1997.(URL1,URL2,..)
where we have indexed text according to the appearance of the data. Dates can be kept as literals or in computer dates/time format. The user types anything looking like a date format, the search returns url pointers, ordered by click thru regardless of literal for formatted match.

So, preceding a set of keywords with a prefix is indexing: literal.(url pointers)
Using my simle syntax. So we can develop ten or so rules for graph morphing, always yield string sets such the they are maximum entropy, measured by click thrus. We can describe the graph morphing with some standard algebra. (All this is likely done somewhere in whole or part).

My body invaded by flashlights

The new coating enables quantum dots, which are semiconductor nanocrystals, to literally cast light on biological processes. These dots are "nuggets," consisting of several hundred to several thousand atoms, that emit visible light when they are exposed to invisible UV radiation, for example. They range from a few nanometres to several tens of nanometres in size. The coating's benefits are not limited to improved solubility in water alone. Other molecules can "lock on" to its surface. This could make coated quantum dots sensitive to certain substances, for example, or allow them to bind to specific types of cells, such as tumour cells. Science Daily

I wonder if innovation requires a sense of humor?

Another red flag on growth

Still another economist remarking the consumer took from savings to cover spending, a sure sign of unseen consumer inflation.  In the numbers we see M1 velocity dropping, the consumer is slowing down, and will inrease the rate of slow down. But, in the aggregate, this is not seen until a month down the road when the downward revisions begin.  But,but,... the economists spotted this right away. You bet, makes it very interesting and a rubber neckers  puzzle unfolding.

Have I got a deal for you!

Bipartisan Group of 100 Lawmakers to Urge $4 Trillion Deficit-Cutting Deal
At least 100 House lawmakers plan to urge the deficit-cutting congressional supercommittee to accomplish what the Obama administration and Congress failed to achieve this summer: a large agreement aimed at reducing the federal deficit by $4 trillion over 10 years.
The letter, spearheaded by Rep. Heath Shuler (D., N.C.), stems from an informal discussion group led by Reps. Mike Simpson (R., Idaho) and Steny Hoyer (D., Md.), lawmakers said. 

Lotta trillion dollar proposals floating around.

A bit of ontology maximization

Let me deal with a set of keywords K containing a finite collection, k1,k2,k3,..
These keywords equivalently point to the same terminal, a URL resource, as in:


where I use my simple semantic syntax.  In that search order, all the kn are equivalent. But we want to keep the kn pruned in the sense that seldom used kn are removed to a separate longer semantic string:


Hence preserving the -iLog(i) rule, where i is the probability of occurrence.  Under that rule, I think we can prove that the optimum ontology would have each of the linked sets: K1,K2,K3.. contain keywords with uniform probability of occurrence.

There, a simple rule Imagisoft donates to the open source folks. So we come up with the simpler of ontology formats, yields a smaller set of prune and branch rules.  Each prune and branch rule comes with adjustments, like knobs on a radio, letting the CEO dial in a precision to his company semantic graph.

The Imagisoft proposal imposes little burden on the employees, except they occasionally blog something interesting to the company, complete with any web links.  They blog with straightforward business writing, going from general to specific.

Congressional bankruptcy committee is bankrupt

The Super Committee Is Doomed
With less than a month to go before the deadline to produce a debt deal, it appears that the Congressional deficit-reduction committee is nowhere close to a deal. Even worse, neither side can even get their rank-and-file members to back the current proposals.
Both Democrats and Republican leaked details of their current proposals and nobody seems very happy. Speaker of the House John Boehner called the Democrats plan a "non-starter" because it hinges on tax increases, which he still refuses to accept. The GOP plan promises $600 million in new tax revenue, that it assumes will come from awesomely obvious economic growth, an idea the Dems scoff at. 
Democrats aren't thrilled with their party's offer either. Rep. Bill Pascrell of New Jersey says it has "absolutely no chance of being the law of the land" and he sees no path to a deal before the November 23 deadline. Atlantic 

Information equivalent of relativity

When an observer traveling at near light speeds relative to an observed, then the observed appears to have slow clocks.  Observed events appear more separated in time than one expects. There should be an information theory equivalent to relativity.

 Let's use start with the constant information assumption, the amount of information needed to identify an event is constant.  So, when an observer travels fast relative to the observed, the information describing an event is the same, but the bandwidth of the channel must have increased between observer and observed.  In Shannon theory, the observers, at relative speeds, can see each other with great signal to noise than they can see their own surroundings.  So, even though our channel bandwidth has opened between us, I cannot generate information fast enough to use it efficiently.  Relativity appears as an underencoded channel.

Profit taking day at the markets

After tne big run up, traders are taking a bit of the fiat off the table.


Protests delay clearing of Fresno homeless camp
With Caltrans and city workers videotaping protesters, protesters videotaping police and the news media videotaping everyone, an operation to remove a homeless encampment in downtown Fresno appeared to stall Thursday – at least temporarily.
By Thursday afternoon, about 12 of 18 tents in the homeless encampment along Santa Fe Avenue south of Ventura Avenue under Highway 41 were still occupied by an undetermined number of people, Caltrans spokeswoman Gloria Rodriguez said.
Fresno Bee:
Evolution populates the nooks and crannies with humans.

Upgrading railroad signals in the age of the smart phone?

But speeds should get better. Caltrain is installing a new signal system this weekend that will enable trains to move more quickly in and out of the station. And by 2015, the agency expects to update signals along the entire corridor from Gilroy to San Francisco. Mercury News

OK, this is one of those things that get me. Upgrading signals? Someone is caught in a delusion.

Call the high school kid with internet technology!!

It is not upgrade signals any more, it is down load the railroad engineer's gps navigator for his smart phone. Or better yet, just have the search engine report the location of trains on their maps, making sure each train has a smart phone.

If you really want smart, wire the smart phone to the locomotive accelerator. The bots can keep these trains inches apart, if you get the humans out of the way.

In the solar zone

The Obama administration on Thursday unveiled its road map for solar energy development, directing large-scale industrial projects to 285,000 acres of desert land in the western U.S. while opening 20 million acres of the Mojave for new development. LA Times

We are gonna need gulf ocean aqua farming zones for the direct farming of alcohol using nanotech floating sheets of solar/water/co2 collectors. We also need efficient nanotech, energy driven alcohol plants on the California coast that can take excess electricity and convert it to alcohol.

Obama gives direction to Brown

The Obama administration will allow California to cut hundreds of millions of dollars from Medi-Cal, a move doctors and experts say will make it harder for the poor to get medical treatment.

California plans to reduce rates by 10% to many providers, including physicians, dentists, clinics, pharmacies and most nursing homes, the Centers for Medicare and MedicaidServices announced Thursday. LA Times
Did Obama really have a choice? California, robbed of democracy, forced into a 25% loss on federal tax dollars, and the major backer for Congressional debt. DC can only skim from its colonies for a finite period before the reversal.

Saving rates

Courtesy of Zero Hedge

Consumer price inflation likely caused this.  Prices are rising faster than yeilds on savings, so savings dropped and spending rose.    People who save less plan less, and that means fewer households.

There is a lag in measuring inflation.  Consumers already pay higher nominal prices than the aggregate data collectors can verify.  Hence some of the reported quarterly growth will revise downward.  The interesting stat will be the rate of revisions relative now to the rate of revision in the past.  Is the economy getting more accurate?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shortcocky is a pompous ass

PARIS (Reuters) - It was a mistake to let Greece join the euro single currency when it did because its economy was not ready to form a monetary union with others in the club, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Thursday.

"It was a mistake," Sarkozy said, when asked during a TV interview about having Greece adopt the euro two years after the single currency was created.

"Its economy was not ready," Sarkozy said. Yahoo
France, for the umpteenth time, needs help from Germany to cover its own bonehead loans. French banks are in the tank because French politicians lean on their banks and forget the consequences.

A contrarian view of Europe

Europe is doing well because they operate closer to the frontier, they have a smaller, more democratic EU parliament, and governments match the regional economies.  Hence, a more accurate economy which accounts for their entitlement efficiency relative to the USA.  So Europe works out problems early and often.  In the USA we let them simmer for generations, then do a massive restructure.

Just a theory!

How's my Corporate Ontology project going, you ask?

Well, I am doing market research, everything is there except the ontology optimizer, the thing that maintaints the Shannon encoded ontology map.  Let's talk about that.

How do humans encode? They Shannon encode their language.  Consider the small company, and its employees interest in sales reports.  'last months sales' , december sales report' 'sales from the last four months' ,'summer sales'.  Those phrases in common use are very likely to be Shannon encoded in their normal usage, irrespective of any conscious design, it generates the most information transfer with the least effort.

The optimizer can find these easily using click thru counts and search set length.  The selected ontologies are that set most likely to be Shannon encoded.

But we need all this in open source.  Hmm. Keep it simple.  Linked lists of keywords, ultimately pointing to a url.  Links may be arbitrary including loops, so it is an arbitrary graph whose nodes are a small finite set of partially order keywords.  Easy to standardize.  Maybe we need to formally define a convolution on the graph that produces a maximum entropy resulting graph, without loops.  I will think on that and continue searching the market for possibilities.

That is how we do it at Imagisoft.

This chart is making the rounds

Decomposing GDP growth among sectors
(These numbers are relative to 2005)
Mainly exports. We do have a large export industry. Government draw down was mainly local government.

The dollar had been in free fall since 2003, if you look:

The story here is the explosion of the Internet and cell phones cause huge dislocations in product distributions.

Find me a place in history where a sudden and disruptive info technology doesn't cause forceful requantization.  The real crash came in mid 2008 when the terms of trade on oil changed for the US.  We couldn't pay that price and other efficient economies could.

Why the sudden constraints on trade?
We suddenly entered a world in which everyone knew where everything was.  So the relative choices changed so dramatically that we simply didn't have the energy to move things from where they were to where we now want them.  This is mainly the information explosion in second and third worlds, entire instructions to the capitalist economy on their phones and computers.  Information technology has accelerating globalization since late 70s when the cable satellites went up.

Red Flag reported on growth

Real disposable personal income fell 1.7%, the biggest drop since the third quarter of 2009, economist Nigel Gault of IHS of Global Insight notes. Even so, consumer spending jumped 2.4%, a big factor in the overall GDP growth. That means consumers boosted their spending by saving less. The savings rate fell a percentage point to 4.1%, Commerce Department data show.

That trend can’t last indefinitely, economists warn. Consumers eventually will tap out their savings or put the brakes on spending. “Consumer spending only accelerated because the saving rate dropped by a full percentage point,” Mr. Gault wrote. “That’s not a solid foundation for growth.” WSJ

Enjoy it while it lasts

Joe Lieberman, the war is over

Joe Lieberman: Reopen talks to keep U.S. force in Iraq

Connecticut citizens are having fun in Iraq and want to continue warring.

The economy already targets NGDP

Note the measurement, in units of of GDP, pretty damn close to a straight line. 

All the NGDP targeting advocates simply want the line a bit straighter, its a matter of degree. I do not see the excitement.

I hear this all the time about the ECB

In what amounts to a perfect followup to my post on the amnesiac economy, Paul De Grauwe takes the ECB to task for refusing to do what is necessary to save the euro, and taking refuge in a very narrow definition of its role.  Krugman Version 

At the core of the ECB are about a hundred people with a printing press. How does anyone expect a few people with a printing press to restore the European economy? I mean, an ecoomists wouold have to have a bizarre model of an agent for this to work

At the bottom of the conversation, the ECB is code word for German middle class. I guess the idea is to fake out the German middle class and put them on the hook.

Federal government and railroad pensions

Ten people, including a doctor and a former union president, were arrested early Thursday and charged in a major fraud scheme in which hundreds of Long Island Rail Road workers made false disability pension claims costing a federal agency an estimated $1 billion, according to people briefed on the matter. Another doctor charged in the case was being sought, the people said.
Most of the people — those charged in the case include seven former railroad workers accused of making false pension claims, the two doctors and a former federal railroad pension agency employee who helped the workers file the claims — were taken into custody in the early morning hours at their homes by F.B.I. agents and state investigators, the people said. NYT

You members of the economy may be confused, why is Congress managing the Railroad pension system? I would think an economists would ask, Why is the Congress involved n railroad pensions?

The mere fact that we do not know why, nor does this makes sense; those two facts argue for Congressional bankruptcy as the first step to reform.

Markets green today

The EU agreed to something

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ontology maps are a general tool

An example of a web standard RDF ontology from W3. org

The diagram is compacted and fit into an XML file of text.  The diagram above is a particular example of a net location map for public nformation, perhaps within a corporation.  This particular graph, allows net  processes running in the back ground, to locate virtual Eric for an newsletter subscription, for example. So here the web geeks are using ontology with XML to help computer processes automatically locate formatted text and photos  some where on the company network, the system set up by the system administrator.  But, ontology is just a tool, used for computer administration in thhis case.

The Corporate Semantic Ontology:

What we want is to use ontology as a tool to capture company semantics,  Shannon encoded.  The ontology maps we have in mind are not set up by network administrators, they are set up by computer processes themselves, looking over the collection of company documents. The company semantic is optimized to the rank and dimension of the ontology.  Here dimension is the set size, the typical number of partially ordered, key terms that define a node on the ontology.  Out ontology graphs, at the terminals,  do hold URL strings.

Now, let me say, at this point, that in actual operation we generally do not want XML files, we want SQL records,  retrieved in large blocks and hold nested order ontology graphs.   These are extracted from SQL and put in DOM tree equivalents.  Then we do convulation operations between segments for the graph to, well, think. (XML is used to migrate the ontology graphs around the net or display them )

When we say Shannon encoded, we want the search strings from clients, to yield sets of semantic strings in the company ontology that meet the -iLog(i) criteria.  The background ontology pruner does just that. It looks at frequency of use vs specificity, just like a Huffman encoder. And since the object at the nodes is partially ordered, the ontology pruner can subtly knock of low order possible terms. 

The straightforward way for employees to use the system is send the ontology pruner process any important charts, documents, agreements, anything digital. In the background, the key word extraction and document ontology are extracted. The best way to manage this is the cheapest, have employees keep a private company blog and use cut-n-paste. The blog posting is then convolved with the company ontology.

Give me an example of Shannon encoding on the ontology graph

Consider the tons of postings I have put out which few read, vs the few gems I post now and then which are popular. Well, under Shannon encoding, the unread posts should be moved to archives. What happened to the ontology graphs generated by these posts? Their semantic graph still exists, but since they are rarely triggered in a search, the graphs are preceded by the term, 'archive', making them disappear from normal retrievals. So, rare search results require longer semantic identifiers, more search terms. We are minimizing seldom selected results, minimizing redundancy or maximizing entropy.

That is where the staff of Imagisoft is on the project.

Timmy in panic mode calls End of Days

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Tuesday that finding a solution to the European debt crisis in the next several days is imperative because that predicament is the “biggest challenge to growth worldwide.” WSJ

Timmy's full of crap. What he really means of part of his Socialist Banking Network will have to tap into the middle class tax base for handouts.

Oil at $93, stocks down

Oil rules the market today

Monday, October 24, 2011

Greece update

POLITICIANS IN GREECE will vote today on intensely unpopular new austerity measures as the country remains paralyzed by a two-day general strike.
Protesters were again headed to Athens’ main Syntagma Square this morning, while one communist party-backed union vowed to encircle parliament in an attempt to prevent lawmakers from accessing the building for the vote on spending cuts and tax hikes required by Greece’s international creditors.
The bill – needed to secure continued payment from an international bailout fund – won initial approval in a first vote Wednesday night, and deputies are now to vote on the details, which include the suspension on reduced pay of 30,000 public servants and the suspension of collective labor contracts.  The Journal
That would be whoops to politicians making long term wage promises.

Benford's law in action

Dow 11,910.82 +102.03 +0.86%
Nasdaq 2,695.27 +57.81 +2.19%
S&P 500 1,253.11 +14.86 +1.20%
10 Yr Bond(%) 2.2260% +0.0230
Oil 91.12 +3.72 +4.26%
Gold 1,650.00 +14.90 +0.91%

All the levels start with mostly 1, and some 2; except for oil, it starts with an improbable 9. One might think the entire economy is a Benford's battle, components just wann have simple numbers!

Funny thin, Benford is maximum entropy, it follows channel theory.
The quantity P(d) is proportional to the space between d and d + 1 on a logarithmic scale. Therefore, this is the distribution expected if the logarithms of the numbers (but not the numbers themselves) are uniformly and randomly distributed.

So the Log(i) is uniform, this is a result if the system is Huffman encoded. To complete the picture, all the -iLog(i) must be within 1.0 to conserve flow. This is maximum entropy channel flow, what is the proper encoding of quants to supply maximum disorder to the channel.

In this case, the components are trying to get their spots in the monetary exchange channel, the fiat thingy. They seek to occupy as much yield curve as possible. Oil seems to be the odd man out.

License the currency

Define a well designed set of counterfeit proof paper dollar amounts, as usual. But license the design, let any bank issue the currency using the defined technology, as long as their bank name is printed, with the counterfeit proof method, right on the currency.

The only function of central government is to secure the proper counterfeit technology. Central government would be in the standards business, and extend no further. The Department of the mint could help define digital security standards, smart card standards and digital money standards.

Oil pushing $90

Let's see how much green support we have for higher oil.

Three components of the Imagisoft Ontology Web Kit

The semantic web kit is built upon the blog platform.
Component one is the Semantic text analyzer, available on demand for each company blogger. This tool takes the blogger text in a partial ordering and generates the ontology of key words, at viewer selectable complexity.

Component two is the company ontology manager. This is the company background process that generates the collective ontology of the company, from all of its blogs. It is a continually pruned arbitrary graph.

Component three is the personal ontology of the company agents and their personal search gadgets. The personal, pruned ontology graph, which an agent uses in a personal browser search portfolio.

OK, 3 components, author, searcher, and net; all using the same formal definition of an ontology graph, in XML form. The remainder of the system, really, is just a convolution of one user defined ontology graph over the company network ontology graph, producing a new, intermediate ontology graph.

The kit uses the patented Imagisoft maximum entropy semantic decomposition. We minimize the number of search words and maximize the results according the the measured, natural Signal to Noise ratio.

OK, there, this should help Imagisoft web bots design the thing.

Semantic blogging can run your start up

In the rush to start a new business, the simple act of keeping records often gets put on the back burner. But poor record keeping has been the demise of many otherwise successful businesses.

The entrepreneur needs clear and accurate records to help manage the challenges of the startup. These records can help manage cash flow and will provide financial statements that can help monitor the progress of the new venture.

The IRS expects even the smallest of businesses to document deductible expenses and support all items reported on tax returns. Jeff Cornwall 

This is where the Imagisoft semantic web kit works its magic. The spenders in the start up should just keep a blog of their activities. An informal agreement among the parties about some common financial terms, and voilĂ , the Imagisoft semantic ontology indexing make Financial records extractable from the company net.

How can my company get one!!! You say!

Well its simple, my staff at Imagisoft will read reviews, and test the existing software components that create this system. In doing so, link magic and my 300 readers will create this product by click thrus. Watch, its simple.

Merkel, CEO of Europe

But the economic crisis has shaken Europe’s postwar model, and Germany increasingly calls the shots. As countries struggle to pay their debts, only Chancellor Angela Merkel has enough money to haul them out of trouble. And the price Merkel is demanding — more control over how they run their economies — is setting off alarm bells in capitals across the continent. WA Post
In America we should ask, where is our Germany?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

So lets construct the XML definition of a DOM ontology graph

The result you get froma search, that result should return in exactly the single standard format that makes up the entire web indexing system. That search result is a semantic graph, a series of search forms of the type key1.key2.key3 and variations of that, listed including pointers to we resources. If recursion were enabled, I should be able to bring up google, search with the single wild card and retur their entire web indexing graph in standard XML format.

The XML search results are generated from queries delivered as XML semantic graphs, sender and receiver use the same definitions. But the seach results come up as a displayable DOM tree in our browsers. They can be stored in locad da=tabase in nested orde, or arbitrary order with enough linkage. So the browser is free to collect these returrns, add them, keep a pruned tree of the most clicked results, maintain the pointers to external resources; just like the major search engines do.

The key to holding the system together, is the naturally meaning of a semantic graph, in terms of XML. That likely exists, my research on prior art is just beginning. Oh, buy the way, there is a great deal of interest, experiments and trials of integrated semantic analycis and blog authoring.

What we used to know as the ley word list in blogging has been rejuvinated o more expressive semantic graphs. The author uses semantic analysis to gauge the response of the network ontology. The network background process maintains the wider ontology web, and searchers maintain and collect portions of the wider ontology web. I am sure this has all been thought out, so I'll keep on looking for the best solutions.

The commonality of format.

If I were to submit a url reference for semantic analysis, the process would return an ontology graph, in standar XML format, it would display as a search result. The blog author would submit the ontology graph as a query, but inlude the blog url reference. The web search engine should perform an 'insert' into the master ontology web.

Models on education and info tech

A school in this Google model derives its identity from its faculty and curriculum, or its "software" while de-emphasizing the importance of its infrastructure, such as its classroom, library and other campus facilities.Mark Weedman
Then I see this:
NYT - October 22, 2011 - MATT RICHTEL
A Silicon Valley School That Doesn’t Compute

LOS ALTOS, Calif. — The chief technology officer of eBay sends his children to a nine-classroom school here. So do employees of Silicon Valley giants like Google, Apple, Yahoo and Hewlett-Packard.

But the school’s chief teaching tools are anything but high-tech: pens and paper, knitting needles and, occasionally, mud. Not a computer to be found. No screens at all. They are not allowed in the classroom, and the school even frowns on their use at home.

Schools nationwide have rushed to supply their classrooms with computers, and many policy makers say it is foolish to do otherwise. But the contrarian point of view can be found at the epicenter of the tech economy, where some parents and educators have a message: computers and schools don’t mix.

This is the Waldorf School of the Peninsula, one of around 160 Waldorf schools in the country that subscribe to a teaching philosophy focused on physical activity and learning through creative, hands-on tasks. Those who endorse this approach say computers inhibit creative thinking, movement, human interaction and attention spans. NYT

My opinion currently is that online usae begins in middle school. The exception, I think, is a bi of keyboard training. I a not schooled on the effects of video games and kids.

Bus Rapid Transit in Silicon Valley

South Bay Bus Rapid Transit
Faster, more convenient and frequent bus service is coming to Santa Clara County

Santa Claa county is also home to the useless VTA light rail system. BRT simply makes the rails more useless. This is not the first time Santa Clara has been caught in a depression because of rails instead of asphalt. But, VTA has great right of way, we simply remove the rails and add a lane guided BRT system. So I suggest we tear out the government boondogle VTA and reuse the right of way, Let's add a twist, however, lets ope up the digitally guided lanes to private enterprise.

Much of the VTA right away is on the meridian space of a big freeway in the area. That meridian space s underutilized by steel rail because because rail cannot exist from the freeway to the major commercial and residential spots. BRT can exit the asphalt rail system and drive on city streets, specilly with traffic light assist.

That meridian goes south of Silicon Valley, on 101, by about 30 miles to major suburban housing, commuters clog up 101 during the commute. So run very high speed bus transit, on protected lanes at speeds near 100 MPH, computer controlled. The articulated buses can go into the suburbs, load up with 100 people, gun it up to the Silicon Valley commercial zone in twenty minutes, then make the rounds dropping off commuters.

Synchronous copulations at Federick Douglas High

Dateline Baltimore:
BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Indecent exposure. Videos of Baltimore students having sex spreading worldwide.
You get twenty kids doing this and they generate $10,000/month in welfare babies. American mass production at its finest.

Not according to plan

That's a lot of belt bombers

ISLAMABAD — Afghanistan would support Pakistan in case of military conflict between Pakistan and the United States, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said in an interview to a private Pakistani TV channel broadcast on Saturday. MSNBC

Managing web ontology by blogging

Bloggers about particular subjects may be grouped, and it is to their mutual advantage to agree to a sensible semantic analyzer, or to have transparency about the semantic analysis rules.  Let's skip talking about Wiki,  and look at the Economic Round Table

Watching that group of bloggers, I speculate that they have moved toward the maximally disordered set of key words. That is, the minimal ontology that identifiable through the first few pagraphs of a posting, deduceable by a machine. Basically, equilibrium occurs when authors writing for that group of readers watch their click counts. The maintainer of the blog list should offer each of its authors the same  semantic analysis tool, let them all use it blind. Then a separate search engine for the reader can be constructed from the linked set of semantic segments. This is the web model we need to apply.

Whew! OK, I patent that.

Ontology graphs, the intermediate language in web organization

The ontology chart is really the key word outline of a set of paragraphs, generaed automatically via semantic analysis. Every wed author should have access to one, there should be a generaor web site to submit out own text.

I have a little grammar I use:

Root.(organization.(department.controls,division.control),person..employment,hourly rate)

And so on. I have identities constants, * as in *.subtopic.  Then there are backward references to allow loops. My personal grammar here is just the schematic form.  Underneath y simple schematic, the keywords may reference a set of keyword alternatives, there is a selectable level of abstraction.

But the generation of an ontology by the author is the reverse of a search by a reader.  The reader enters some variation of a set of ontologies, and the original text is recovered.  Readers and writers on the web actually come to a loose syntax agreement over time.

The ontologies reside in XML files at the servers of search engines. They are constantly pruned according to connection number and click thrus. A user search becomes a graph matching exercise. We want is this process made explicit for semi-closed authors and readers, when they share a semantic.

NYT draws the European debt map

Here The map shows the flow of sovereign/bank bonds over the life of the Euro, I guess. Its the inverse of the trade deficit. So Germany which has diverse exports has many lines running to it. And Greeces debt has been distributed. Greece is not the problem.

The real shocker is the bond flow from Italy to France. The French have over subsidized exports to Italy with too much lending.

  Hence France wants 'Loan Reparations' from Germany. We are getting a replay of 1920.  The major fix to Euro debt is for France and Italy to come to terms, they Dunnit!

HT Baseline Scenario

What does channel theory have to say about this?

Trade markets start to bet long term on debt subsidies. So the investment network adapts, it makes the long term Kelly bet in finite measurement, small changes to actual physical distribution. This debt channel builds its own set of -iLog(i), trying to match investors and borrowers. So the probability of large chunks of new issue is in the background, a knowing that some time soon Italian government will issue the largest chunk of that -iLog(i) set of debt issuance. And the same time a realization that such a large chunk is not available in France. So the little Kelly network wants to collapse, its work done.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I am the human search engine

So, here at Imagisoft, I did a little searching on semantic analyzers, semantic graph generators that will index a blog text. I found a great set of solutions, actually, good news. My next step is to look for semantic analysis as part of the blog package, you know, built in! That would be keen, then we could automatically submit our blog graphs to the master semantic model of the web.

Stay tuned! Also coming up, I will show you a simple semantic graph algebra, used for morphing one search into another with use of wild cards and associative properties. I will also hunt the appropriate XML standards for semantic graphs. Maybe some blogging package has it all set up! I will try that.

So how does the semantic Web partition work again?

Let's use the blog as a platform. With  the blog  semi-structure, a semantic reduction can be performed on the unquoted text in each blog post.  This would be the XML based, graph of possible key words in an ordering, taken from the authors original content. This semantic definition is matched against other semantic definitions already obtained, and inserted into the we larger semantic graph, possibly pruned.

So the blogger platform with its semi-structure might just make an ideal middle ground for semantic learning on the web.  From an open source perspective, the next step is to search out other with appropriate pieces of software, and maybe some predefined standards.  Then I will link to this prior at in a way that describes the new web model.  Others with competitive models will respond, and the idea will move forward, part cooperation, part competition.

(PS, this is a bit of old hat, I looked very carefully into this exact concept, in depth in some prior work)

Another Wiki:
Latent Semantic Anaysis
Latent semantic analysis (LSA) is a technique in natural language processing, in particular in vectorial semantics, of analyzing relationships between a set of documents and the terms they contain by producing a set of concepts related to the documents and terms. LSA assumes that words that are close in meaning will occur close together in text.
Its a patent claim! I will check into it.
Here is one from Wiki without the patent, and more closely resembles the idea I propose:
Semantic matching is a technique used in Computer Science to identify information which is semantically related.
Given any two graph-like structures, e.g. classifications, database or XML schemas and ontologies, matching is an operator which identifies those nodes in the two structures which semantically correspond to one another. For example, applied to file systems it can identify that a folder labeled “car” is semantically equivalent to another folder “automobile” because they are synonyms in English. This information can be taken from a linguistic resource like WordNet.

How the semantic graphs reorganize the web

The basic unit of the index in the semantic system is an XML segment that describes a set of possible search patterns, and points to one or more resources on the web. These semantic web indices are graphs of keyword lists. The software will perform pattern matchintg between them in the seach process, the matches result in web resource pointers.

But the indexing files, created via adaptive semantic analysis between authors and readers, are cached trimmed, and moved about the net to reduce search times.

Web content splits between a network of content and a network of semantic indices. The semantic indeces are themselves networks of content reduced to their semantic key work graphs. XML based semantic indices can migrate to the users browser an interact directly with search patterns.

All brought to youby the staff of Imagisoft and our patented Mediated Semantic Indexing for the Web

Friday, October 21, 2011

Real time software patent

I suppose I need to patent my idea, the mediated semantic indexing system for the web. First, I claim the concept of author and reader of post web material shall adapt to a common search semantic. The blog author is assisted by a semantic graph tool that convertes selected text into a reduced form set of key words sets in nested order. This semantic graph is installed in the web index data base in XML format.

The read may find postings with partial ordered search lists. The search strings are maintained locally, kept in nested order, and pruned occasionally. The search process is a graph matching problem between the XML stored semantic descriptors and the user supplied partially order strings.

Am I the first to file?

A rumor floats that blogging is dead

Felix holds the thesis:
I’ve been saying for a while that blogs are dead — certainly the one-person, one-voice blog, and also the big splashy expensive blog launched by a new or old-media company. Both I think had their heyday a few years ago. But as bloggish tendencies get incorporated into the broader news business, and as the sharing-and-linking part of the blogosphere moves to social media, something quite encouraging is happening: media organizations are finding it easy to set up small, light blogs which they’re not particularly invested in.
This gets us back to the Imagisoft Search Gadget. It has an auxiliary button, the text analyzer. The tool will take you post and reduce its DOM tree to the minimal set of key words, then submit that semantic graph to the blog master. Blogs enter into a strutured semantic data base by vitrue of each ahuther learning about the key word generator.

The Imagistoft web interface puts the individual, author and reader,in charge of indexing and searching their own corser of the web.  It is escape from the big search companies and freedom from the perfectly structured personal databases.  We get a semi structured webosphere, the searcher controls his own search graphs, the author generates a collection of semantic possibilities.

This is simple stuff, who is with me? We will do this open source, make it available in all blog formats. Behind the scenes is a battle between disorder and order on the web. We need just enough order to find interesting areas of disorder.

Ben becomes a housing speculator

So the word is out on the webosphere that the Fe4d will be buying mortgage backed securities. Banks will love dumping some bad debt onto the Fed. If things get screwy and the Fed owns a bunch of vacant housing, then Congress will have to rescue the Fed!

Seems like a green day in the markets

Merkozy made a nice statement, corporate earnings up, they say. But watch oil, its at $87 and rising a bi.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A better way to hunt alien life

Atronomers are examining a meteor shower in another star system:
The Spitzer Space Telescope spotted the infrared glow of a band of dust three times as far from Eta Corvi as Earth is from the sun. Carey Lisse of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, and his colleagues analysed the spectrum of light from this glow and found that it contains water, organics and rock. New Scientist

If we can get bigger apertures up in space, then we can use spectral analysis to hunt for biological markers. Making very large telescopes in space is very simple, because space is weightless. Their construction is very regular and small robots can build them.

Biden is Batty in the Brain

“I didn’t use, no no no…Let’s get it straight, guy. Don’t screw around with me,” Biden lashed out at HUMAN EVENTS. Then Biden confirmed that he indeed did talk about rape in terms of the President’s spending measure. “Murder will continue to rise, rape will continue to rise, all crimes will continue to rise,” if the Democrats agenda isn’t passed, he added. Human Events

Biden thinks he is an aristocrat elite, very delusional.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Keynesians don't favor government growth?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Wednesday indicated Congress needs to worry about government jobs more than private-sector jobs, and that this is why Senate Democrats are pushing a bill aimed at shoring up teachers and first-responders.

"It's very clear that private-sector jobs have been doing just fine; it's the public-sector jobs where we've lost huge numbers, and that's what this legislation is all about," Reid said on the Senate floor. Hill

The teachers union, in particular, own the Keynesian dialog.

The only thing shovel ready is stuff in the ground.

Debt reduces options, like holding commodities and developing internal uses for them.

Joe Biden pays poor women to have ghetto babies!

Biden Continues to Warn of Rapes and Murders If Jobs Bill Isn't Passed
In a rare confession Joe Biden explained his delusions:
Our welfare systems pay poor women a fee to have unsupervised children. I dunno why we did this, but I have been this stupid all my life!

Gains from specialization

Houston, we have landed

Gains from specialization have reverted to 1988 levels. We would like to get the number back up above 1.2, without the Big Government Republicans going on a spending binge.

It cost money to be an elite

Federal employees whose compensation averages more than $126,000 and the nation’s greatest concentration of lawyers helped Washington edge out San Jose as the wealthiest U.S. metropolitan area, government data show. Bloomberg
I can see why our own Marin County Mafia would be jealous.

We need more energy than previously thought

What does the new gdp report imply for structural explanations of our current troubles?: I find the most plausible structural interpretations of the recent downturn to be based in the “we thought we were wealthier than we were” mechanism, leading to excess enthusiasm, excess leverage, and an eventual series of painful contractions, both AS and AD-driven, to correct the previous mistakes...

Back to the game if Whodunnit in the crash of 2008.
In the game of mis-information we can go from general to specific, The GDP line went down when we all though it was going up! The real answer is that mass marketing is changing because of info tech. Distribution via the on line an distribution via the shopping mall are parting company, the later losing to the former.

Nanotech and clean liquids and solar electric

The global market for nanostructured products used in water treatment was worth an estimated $1.4 billion in 2010 and will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.7% during the next 5 years to reach a value of $2.2 billion in 2015.

Most of the current market is made up of well-established treatment products, reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, and ultrafiltration membrane modules, which may be categorized as nanotech-based. The market for established products was nearly $1.4 billion in 2010 and is expected to reach $2.1 billion in 2015, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.2%.

Many emerging products, including nanofiber filters, carbon nanotubes, and a range of nanoparticles, are in the pre-commercial stages. The market for emerging products was $45 million in 2010. This sector will increase at a 20% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to reach a value of $112 million in 2015. Market Research News
Ande this:
Two-thirds of all hazardous waste sites in the U.S. are contaminated with trichloroethylene (TCE). Along with trichlorophenol, TCE is responsible for drinking water contamination in much of the world. To remove these chemicals from drinking water is costly and requires the use of acids and other hazardous chemicals in large amounts. The Kentucky investigators first mix glucose with contaminated water and then let it pass through a nanostructured membrane embedded with glucose oxidase, an enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide from glucose. A second membrane containing iron trapped in an acidic matrix converts the peroxide into hydroxyl radicals which interact with and destroy the organic pollutants. NIEHS

A place like LA is next to huge deserts of land, suitable for solar electric. During off peak hours, that electric power can be diverted to nanotech factory along the coast that process sea water for alcohol fuels and drinking water. The nanotech processes operate on molecular scale,  the nanotech factory thus has rapid start up times.  Surplus electricity just morphs into storable drinking ware an alcohol fuel as energy becomes available.

The Otter Defense

Raising the sense of urgency, the French president added: “Allowing the destruction of the euro is to take the risk of the destruction of Europe. Those who destroy Europe and the euro will bear responsiblity for resurgence of conflict and division on our continent.” FT

Wealthy people buying huge quantities of government with middle class debt

HT Jared Bernstein for the charts from TPC

Who funds the Cain campaign? Rich people who make money from huge central government spending. Here is the economic rule, recently discovered. When the products are priced lower for the buyer, he buys more of them. Rich people and their socialist defense network, mainly, but rich people and eminent domain for large pipelines, and rich people who build large buildings on the tax payer dollar, rich people who get direct acess to government patent enforcement powers, rich people who attend meetings with Timmy, and rich people who get TARP insurance.

And, more importantly, rich people who shift payroll expenses onto government using the entitlement system.

Herman Cain thinks you and I should subsidize the wealthy.

Europe looks to Germany

Letest Spreads stolen from a DeLong post

Any solution to the Euro debt crisis goes through the German middle class, they are the ones stroking exportable trade goods.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Melting Greenland

But the [Arctic] ice loss will amplify warming especially in the Arctic – indeed, this is already happening. Moreover, disproportionate Arctic warming is already affecting one of the most important components of the global climate system: the Greenland Ice Sheet. If this giant structure melts, sea levels worldwide would rise by about seven meters. Project Syndicate

Progressives believe that government plays a bigger role

There is been some confusion, Keynesianism may or may not imply more functions to government. But when Progressives apply Keynesian stimulus, they mean to stimulate all valuable production, including government, which they want to have a bigger role. To the extent that government is stickier than Progressives assume, then a lot of that stimulus is hard to remove from government.

Just take a look at the UC  Berkeley Public Policy program and all the out of work progressive, politicians they hire. Their science advocates their own funding, they want special federal funds go for into their program and support their continued contracts.  They have little time to conduct their science at UC, their cuts are weeks away.    

Monday, October 17, 2011

ISLM and the flow model

The flow model.  The IS line is flow out, the LM line is flow in., the y axis is inventory growth internal to the firm, the x axis total firm real GDP.  The more inventory I purchase on input, the greater my inventory growth and the greater the real GDP.  The more I sell on output the lower my inventory growth and the greater real GDP. I want the differences between ins and outs to balance.

The Innertubes are changing our shopping habits

A new report on the Internet and  distribution, stay tuned, its all over the webosphere..

The Imagisoft personal Search Gadget

A snippet of how it works and how we describe search paths from; user to results.

The user, maybe an undergraduate physics student, frequently types search patterns like:
'standard model fermions'.  From prior searches and click thrus, the personal search gadget knows some common selections are:
 'wiki.standard model.fermion' or 'MIT.standard model.fermion'
where I have added the dots to indicate a link in a semantic graph. A short hand version:
(wiki,MIT).standard model.fermion
where the  ' , ' is the or function, and the compact form, expanded generate two completed search paths, found in the local nested order semantic graph database.  That data base is built on WebSql or equivalent.  The match yields two completed search path, and ordering is maintained, the retrieval is listed by the most frequently clicked.  The two completed paths get converted into web formatted search queries, mainly URL codes.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chief Iranian Belt Bomber

The deep internal divides at the top of Iranian politics sharpened on Sunday when the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, warned he could do away with the presidency, currently held by his rival, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Telegraph

Its always the guy with the beard.

Long term oil stocks

Here's the inference that Ana and I drew from the exercise:
We conclude that the potential of monetary policy to avert the contractionary consequences of an oil price shock is not as great as suggested by the analysis of Bernanke, Gertler, and Watson. Oil shocks appear to have a greater effect on the economy than suggested by their VAR, and we are unpersuaded of the feasibility of implementing the monetary policy needed to offset even their small shocks. Econobrowser 

The economy is taking small Bellman steps along the oil constraint, maximizing long term oil stocks. This is what happens when oil is constrained, the economy operates as if it is measuring long term oil stocks with greater accuracy than other inputs.

In electronic terms this is an impedance mismatch, the Fed attempts a  change in short term money, and the entire oil chain gives a simultaneous nudge back. Most of the Fed energy causes volatility, short term contraction and restoration to the mean is swift. The oil change dominates the investment chain. If a Fed move is to be effective,  the move must be computed from price samples going back to the longer lag period.

Channel Theory:
The oil chain has actually reduced its supply lines and lightened inventories, acting as if it is a monopoly power.  To the rest of the economic flows, this is easily observable via rapid retail price changes in oil. The oil polynomial becomes a prime factor in all  other distributions. This gives the illusion that all other distributions measure over the long term.   It is simply that a few scarce inputs dominate long term constraints.

Wandering among the ISLMics

I will never be consistent, don't hold me to it.  Just wandering among the continuing ISLM thingy:

Let's see.  Pick a level on the graph of distribution, level three in a four rank network.  The firm at this level has dual optimization functions: deplete current inventories a little faster with increase output today and lower inventory tomorrow; or increase inventory today with purchases of much large units of inputs today, in expectation of greater output tomorrow.

So, the LM curve is managing the input flow, the IS curve the output flow, the vertical axis is the estimated inventory growth.

Out of Africa meets Malthusian Curse

CAIRO — Egyptian Interior Ministry officials acknowledged on Thursday that they had arrested five small groups of smugglers transporting weapons from Libya, including antiaircraft missile launchers, across Egypttoward its border with Israel, raising new concerns about security in the Sinai Peninsula. NYT 

The epic journey out of Africa to the ice line involves centuries,  religious delusions, pograms of mass murder,  and Malthusian selection along the Nile.

The Business Insider marketing trick

They target my demographic!

Hell's Angels are a colorful bunch

Despite a heavy police presence at a Hells Angels funeral in San Jose on Saturday, a top bike-club enforcer nicknamed "Mr. 187" after the state penal code number for murder was gunned down in front of stunned mourners.
Multiple sources told this newspaper that the victim of the 12:51 p.m. shooting at Oak Hill Memorial Park on Curtner Avenue was Steve Tausan, a notorious sergeant-at-arms for the Santa Cruz chapter of the club who was suspected of murder in the 1997 beating death of a man at the Pink Poodle strip club. Mercury News
I suspect they got into the meth and psychosis is taking over the Hell's Boomers.

Where were we on semantic graphs?

We wanted to take an arbitrary graph of links on the web and take it though a network reduction that yields an arbitrary graph of sets of keywords.   From there we can do key word subselection and generate the user search semantics.  The syntax for all this was user search form is simply a partially ordered list of key words.   The search engine was to create a canonical semantic graph that covers the domain of web key word links with user semantics.

In this scenario we have the broswer and the web industry. The web industry is Wiki, Google, Yahoo, facebook, MySpace, Google+, Groupon, Amazon,....)  That industry produces the range of key word sets, and their links, that is, all possible paths through the web, traversed by key word.  Then the browser runs a javascript personalized, maximum entropy, key word encoder; governed by the interaction between user search requests and the browser personalized Imagisoft Search Gadget!.

We get a surfboard to ride the webosphere. I hereby patent the idea. This is nothing more than the DOM tree analyzers, Jquery, simple graph traversal stuff, stuff I do on this blog now and then.

For example. The Search Gadget automatically learns that the appearance of Wiki in the search query implies a retrieval of a Wiki subgraph. The search gadget is doing entropy analysis pon user key word lists, discovering random appearances of universal keywords. It is discovering groups of key words the user frequents. The user and the gadget together work toward a maximum encoded search forms, little canonical graph segments of sub selected key words. These subsegments that can be pieced together or parallel encoded for actual retrievals. We get bits of search grammar, a boolean logic os some complexity that the user and gadget settle on.

The economic equation of our time

Seawater + solar -> liquid fuel

At a manufacturable 10% efficiency at the farm, adjusted for cloud cover. That is boom times. If you get that then you get the second equation:

liquid fuel + silicon intelligence -> damn near anything you want

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bundles of inputs

Commodities, labor, land, as inputs to production. Money is supposed to average these networks of distribution, money more accurate when the piles of bankers and piles of inventory match.

Money will have greater mutual entropy with the most constrained inputs, the highest correlation, in the Bellman sense of following the frontier. The webosphere is looking at price changes on bundles of commodities, commodity prices have gone down, is this a trend?

I tell these pundits to look at how the commodities correlate with money, look at their nominal and real price, over time. Constrained inputs get more probable price updates, they will track money more closely. Someone else pointed out to me the relationship between nominal and real oil prices, look at that.

Hyperinflation is a short endgame

In 1920, a loaf of bread soared to $1.20, and then in 1921 it hit $1.35. By the middle of 1922 it was $3.50. At the start of 1923 it rocketed to $700 a loaf. Five months later a loaf went for $1200. By September it was $2 million. A month later it was $670 million (wide spread rioting broke out). The next month it hit $3 billion. By mid month it was $100 billion. Then it all collapsed [as if a roughly 8 billion times rise in cost wasn't already collapse! Hint of irony here. – JM]

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Hence I am not worried. It is just an episode that precedes the collapse as politicians try to cover their asses. Will Congress engage in hyperinflation? You bet when they get hysterical. However the Fed knowing that hyperinflation precedes the collapse, may just go on with the collapse and restructuring and skip the hyperinflation. Hyperinflation is optional, the collapse is not.