Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I did some software!!

Making the bots talk anywhere any time with sockets!

The point about your personal IP address

It belongs to you, each home user has one, I used to use mine, leave the home computer on and run one of these bitsy ftp servers. So they are like phone numbers, kind of give it out, but sort of private. And when its stolen, demand a new number. You and your circle can share some encrypting codes, no DNS for us.

Public addresses still work. But you can graph all the bogs, spin them out with key words graphs.  Public information? Keep a bitsy watson to carry around in your hand helds. You can always bring it up and spin it with a finger motion. It would be nice to have an encrypting watson, one that can open up on personal command.   Hey, I just patented something, I hereby patent that.

A better way to embed sql into Json

Like this:

The Json will soon have operators, arithmetic and variable updates. So, all graph machines, underneath the grammar, know what to do. '  The elementary path is Json easy text to Bson precompiled.   Make Sql a defined identifier?  Hmm, how does the Dublin Core do that, lemme see.. well something like that. Joins come with the convolution operator, so its coming.  But we need some very simple rules for a forward symbol definition, something natural to the clients has they type Hmm.

The point though, is the query can be tested at home, gotten just right then sent off to the tables in the big graph as Bson. But  Json, with that engine code, sort of feeds the installed graph processor. I have that engine tuuned to support script, Bson,  lazy Json, sqlite3.  It is self contained, carrys its own symbols. The graph layer (Sqlite3) provides an exo path!. That machine will bind faster than anything else, graft right onto the exokernel, port right into a Cray. It is so simple, anyone can Json at the terminal, the rules so simple.  Done anonymously, the pinball machine, no loops everything eventually comes home.  I have won this, I have the Regex of ontology navigating, and it is ready just in time for MIT, its 1500 lines of code where is my zillion dollars?

On line bot games

Hey the bots can move, go do battle with others at the server, returning reat multi-media.  You get to program the buggers, then release hem to the game server, watch the fun.  I should patent this.  Ok, I hereby patent this.

But the idea is that the game is a structured graph, full blown with Htnl5 generated graphs sent back to the user.  The user at his console can issue orders, using whatever gadgets and dostware the player has at home.him, but his bot his graph exploring with other bots.

Oh yes, security?  Egad!! t has been on my mind also. Hmm....

Oh yea.  Make the bots write on the scratch partition.  When you want to check, then scan , make sure they are graph compliant,  check the opcodes. The important thing will be guarding the interpreter, making sure its partition is not writeable, without a secure exchange.

The MIT exo kernel is designed to solve these problems.

Cheetah, the fast little web server

It is about 600 lines long or so. I think this needs to be embedded into the engine. There is no reason everyone can;t have their own Cheetah, the address won't be advertised to DNS, but the way user bots work is they carry their own return address, numerically. They don't need no stinking DNS badges to return home , they just need it to find stuff. So, screw it, the Cheetah will come up, find it network IP address, then it can go about the web with a path home.

Once the bots are on the move, they can meet at a central server and exchange IP address, setting up private virtual groups outside of the Giggle ad network. Various developers can compete with the best Social Network apps. The market would be huge for special service private networks constructed this way, developers, clients making social networks leaving Footbook to stew in old, complex technology, like Microstuff.

What is a bot?

Technically, just serialized Bson standard, but that stanrd is mobile, once we free it up. Bson comes complete with browser, yea, one of the bots will layout your browser for you. Look at the DOM tree, what is it? Set and descent, fundamental. So we have these personal bots, our personal bot knows about our computer. It will convolve itself with the MIT exokernal, setting up your computer just the way you wanted it. It can issue the sales bot, in your name, and go meet up with the other sales bots, chat about software, come home with some goodies. Its all changing. If the seller has great information, then he can enforce the ad bots in exchange.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Mayor Villaraigosa pays off the Union Bosses

Overall, these expense reductions of $250 to $500 million will be felt by the beleaguered City employees who will be either furloughed or laid off, and by long suffering Angelenos who will have to live with rapidly deteriorating roads and fewer services.

And once again, this “solution” is just more of the same old stuff, another one off gimmick that does not address the City’s Structural Deficit caused by out of control increases in salaries, pension contributions, and medical benefits. These personnel costs are projected to increase by $226 million next year and almost $740 million over the next four years.

Over the last six years, the super secretive Executive Employee Relations Committee (the “EERC”), under the fiscally irresponsible leadership of Mayor Villaraigosa and City Council President Eric Garcetti, has given away the store to the campaign funding union bosses.

In this six year period alone, the average compensation for members of the City’s two pension plans has increased by over 24% to almost $82,000 a year. And the police and fire fighters are now taking home an average of over $100,000 a year, and that is before very generous benefits.

And during the reign of Villaraigosa and Garcetti on the EERC, pension contributions have increased by over 150% and now chew up over 20% of the General Fund while human resource benefits are up 47% and comprise almost 13% of the General Fund.

On another note, pension tsunami has a report that puts Fresno County second to Sonoma County in underfunded pensions. Give us a little time in Fresno, we will go belly up.

I have to get me one of these

A fundamental problem that confronts peer-to-peer applications is
to efficiently locate the node that stores a particular data item. This
paper presents Chord, a distributed lookup protocol that addresses
this problem. Chord provides support for just one operation: given
a key, it maps the key onto a node. Data location can be easily
implemented on top of Chord by associating a key with each data
item, and storing the key/data item pair at the node to which the
key maps. Chord adapts efficiently as nodes join and leave the
system, and can answer queries even if the system is continuously
changing. Results from theoretical analysis, simulations, and experiments show that Chord is scalable, with communication cost
and the state maintained by each node scaling logarithmically with
the number of Chord node MIT Networking papers
More from the same site:
We argue that the core problem facing peer-to-peer systems is locating documents in a decentralized network and propose Chord, a distributed lookup primitive. Chord provides an efficient method of locating documents while placing few constraints on the applications that use it. As proof that Chord's functionality is useful in the development of peer-to-peer applications, we outline the implementation of a peer-to-peer file sharing system based on Chord.

The semantic machine needs a chord look up system. I'll have to see if they have open source code. They should fund Imagisoft and I will recruit these folks.

But the cheapest and best network addressing scheme is GPS. Require all boxes know where they are to GPS resolution, and if nearby boxes are within the resolution, let them discover local relationships. Otherwise send the packets to a specific place on the globe. Each node need only pick the fast port toward the destination. Imagisoft hereby releases the idea to the public domain and defines it as unpatentable.

Building Secure High-Performance Web Services with OKWS I am going to read this.

But the big one from MIT is ecoklernal:
Application-level networking is a promising software organization for improving performance and functionality for important network services. The Xok/ExOS exokernel system includes application-level support for standard network services, while at the same time allowing application writers to specialize networking services

They say they can speed up Cheetah 8 times using the exokernal! I have to get me one of these for the machine.

More on DHASH, MITs distributed hash (document look up)

Do nano tubes grow with Fibonacci sequences?

The periodic makeup of carbon nanotubes suggests that their formation should obey the principles established for crystals. Nevertheless, this important connection remained elusive for decades and no theoretical regularities in the rates and product type distribution have been found. Here we contend that any nanotube can be viewed as having a screw dislocation along the axis. Consequently, its growth rate is shown to be proportional to the Burgers vector of such dislocation and therefore to the chiral angle of the tube. This is corroborated by the ab initio energy calculations, and agrees surprisingly well with diverse experimental measurements, which shows that the revealed kinetic mechanism and the deduced predictions are remarkably robust across the broad base of factual data. PNAS

Sure, they have to have screw location to meet the maximum entropy encoding norm. Finonacci is the basis set for Shannon maximum entropy channels, and Fibonacci spirals. I would us channel theory in this situation, and look at the carbon arrangements as encodings of a channel.

OK,OK I am starting the debug

I think I can get a lab stable nearly semantic machine this week. I will have it just in time for Facebook suckers to lose big time.

5 PM

OK, I have fixed one bug, but no full bore debug stepping today. I did provide a clearer view of the commutative lamda operation, otherwise known as graph convolution.

What is the deal with Footbook and Giggles?

In about two weeks FootBook loses control of the user interface and Giggle loses control of web indexing. For Footbook users, the new model is to pick two separate graphs, a personal Watson graph and a personal user interface graph. Data collected by the Watson bot is convolved with the user interface generating the browser controls. Generally information companies will suggest new users download a Watson, and personalize it. The user can separately select some user interfaces that match their usage. Footbook ends up with a ton of competition.

For Giggles the problem is defacto standard for indexing on named graphs in the web, with access to the engine and syntax, developers are free to enhances tagging and named graphs technology, developing bots to manage the indexing using standard java or javascipt tools. Giggle gets tons of competition.

So, the half life of these companies is about well, 1/4 of what is was a few years ago.

You have to run for president first

Gov. Jerry Brown is on a mission to prevent the United States from becoming a Third World country, and he says the solution is a high-speed railroad in California.

"We're not going to be a Third World country if I have anything to do with it," Brown said in a Friday morning interview on KCBS-AM in San Francisco. Fourteen countries already have high-speed rail, but the United States does not. Burbank Leader
I admire Jerry's desire to enrich Washington DC with California taxes. But the California tax payer cannot afford all of Jerry Brown's DC patriotism, especially when we barely have a vote in DC. If Jerry wants to save the Union, then I would suggest the first step is a California default and rebellion.

Bson has disinvented Http

Think about it. There is no hypertext, just Bson packages, with self described contents. Evan absent the semantic revolution, Bson alone has done away with Http. What's the point? May as well run high speed Bson streams straight though sockets.

Separately the semantic system will use the named graph system to manage the ip vs Url tables. That's has to be the overall plan, just dump http subsume the DNS indexing into the local named graph tables, let the web bots go about keeping them up to date. I think I am pursuing this approach with the semantic machine.

The other point is what's the point of a CGI when your server holds nothing but potentially executable Bson sub graphs? Just take the retreived object, convolve it with the user graph and execute the results, right there by calling the overload method in the same thread.

Not much there

Keynesian analysis as I define it implies that you need monetary policy, and occasionally countercyclical fiscal policy, to stabilise the economy, but that is not what is generally meant by a mixed economy! Simon Lewis

There is an ongoing debate about schools of though in economics. What is Keynesianism? It is not as vague as the definition above. I can substitute, oil, housing, roads, clean air, and shoe laces:
Keynesian analysis as I define it implies that you need shoelace policy, and occasionally countercyclical shoe policy, to stabilize the economy Me

I used to use the shoelace metaphor a lot, then one day I looked it up. Something like 30,000 serious injuries a year happen from untied or broken shoelaces.

But the point is, saying that the waves must go up and down does not define a theory. Your theory is defined by the units of measure your normative agent executes.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The indexedDB Web Sql debate

The issue sort of evaporates. Fro the point of view of Sqlite3, it simply means they compete with the table system for naming sequences of Bson, they offer high powered rowid indexing, and subgraph indexing.

The storage standard has become Bson serial, one way or the other anyway. Sqlite keeps its opcode system for a while, but Bson sequences can easily exchange with them. Sqlite can go into the B Tree and set fom page partitions values, optimized for typical triple storage. Sql syntax becomes a variation of a Bson named call. I think sqlite3 still wins the game here, with BerkeleyDB coming in second. But someone will produce the open source version of B-Tree optimizable, that is easily adjusted in page partitions for various types of storage.

Then, my 1500 lines of semantic machine is translated into Javascript, and each browser becomes a Watson in the semantic ocean

Too many drop down menus

Am I the only one who is afraid to move the cursor least I am bombarded with drop downs?


Great stuff, I have finally become a unix fan.
I managed to get the semantic engine complied and running in the unix envirnoment. It took three hours of unix typeface explosion, reams and reams of instructions. I manged to avoi auto make, but bit the bullet and adopted make. Linux stil has a lot of separating the wheat from chaff problem.

Compiling in cygwin is all about loaction the header files, nested deep with the directory, the finding a CCFLAG -I option that gets me to the headers.  Then, it button the thing up, never open it again, and have a beer as all the linux hyroglifics needs to be erased from my brain.

Anyway, this is a network project, and all we need is a simple linux kernel that can run sqlite3 or some other micro graph layer. There is no way the customer is going to pay Steve Balmer a ton of money just to run 1500 lines of free code on their server platform!

Illinois is doomed

"These projections clearly demonstrate that action must be taken to control not only Medicaid costs but also (pension) costs, or all other areas of government will continue to be squeezed," Kraft said.
Looking at the bigger picture, the state has a backlog of about $8.5 billion in unpaid bills and owes about $27 billion in outstanding bonds. And then there's the roughly $80 billion owed to the state's public employee pension funds.

Read more here: http://www.bnd.com/2012/01/22/2026569/illinois-budget-is-dripping-with.html#storylink=cpy
Illinois taxpayers should quit paying taxes, force the default and get it over with.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I have too many rants about the software industry

Sorry, I will try to keep them at my Git Hub

But the good news for the machine is that I was able to compile with cygwin, the unix environment, and further I can compile cheetah, the web server, making is possible to run the semantic machine as a server. Dunno when I will integrate.

Anyway, taking a break from bug fixing. It is time to let the industry stew a bit.

Semantic web is graph pattern patching

Really, I tire of reading the esoterics talk about meaning and uncertainty. Humans terms. The machines match patterns in graphs, that is all they can do and that is all they have been doing to 50 years. What is changing is that the computer industry has suddenly realizing this elementary fact.

What about RDF and the rest of the W3C hierarchy? Keep them, RDF just specifies data type, but it is not the semantic web, RDF has no grammar for pattern matching.
They key break through will happen when some software geek proposes a standard for storing Bson nested stores in SQL. At that point, the grammar of finding matches between Bson streams is, well, a few additional hundred lines of code actually.

On line college, here we go

President Barack Obama’s new plan to force colleges and universities to contain tuition or face losing federal dollars is raising alarm among education leaders who worry about the threat of government overreach. Particularly sharp words came from the presidents of public universities; they’re already frustrated by increasing state budget cuts. WA Times

What is the industry standard for storing Bson in sql tables

I brought it up in the sqlite3 forum and was told there was no good reason to define such a stadard. But there is not just sqlite3, we also have BerkelyDG, a very popular open source engine. One might think that customers might just ask the question, is there a standard for storing Bson into sql. Yet if one searches and searches, the only person working on the standard is some nut in Fresno,CA.

The answer, I think, is the www standards group being dragged along, slow to pick up the pace. The W3 standards organization can only keep the same pace as their big company funders. Big software companies want control of the process, however it is too late, I think.

Most of the onrush of enterprise software activity started when the industry began working around ML, which never really took off,. I am beginning to think XML was a problem from the start. But dumping XML and embracing javascript/html, the small enterprise software vendors took off at the cost of big company proprietary systems.

The market is transformed, and Bson over sql is the next step,and here at Imagisoft we figured this out.

Good news on biofuel technology

Algae produce an oil which can be processed to create a useful biofuel. Biofuels, made from plant material, are considered an important alternative to fossil fuels and algae, in particular, has the potential to be a very efficient biofuel producer. Until now, however, there has been no cost-effective method of harvesting and removing the water from the algae for it to be processed effectively.

Now, a team led by Professor Will Zimmerman in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Sheffield, believe they have solved the problem. They have developed an inexpensive way of producing microbubbles that can float algae particles to the surface of the water, making harvesting easier, and saving biofuel-producing companies time and money. The research is set to be published in Biotechnology and Bioengineering on 26 January 2012.

The system developed by Professor Zimmerman´s team uses up to 1000 times less energy to produce the microbubbles and, in addition, the cost of installing the Sheffield microbubble system is predicted to be much less than existing flotation systems.Next Big Future

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Couchbase language

INSERT INTO abc VALUE 3.141592653;
INSERT INTO abc VALUE "This is a string";
INSERT INTO abc VALUE ["this","is","an","array"];
INSERT INTO abc VALUE { type: "message", content: "This is an object" };

It is nothing but SQl with Json objects, they missed the whole frigging point. Json is not the object, Json is the Subject,Predicate,Object, and can only be done when the engine gets nested store. Couchbase srewed this, and so did ignition partners, the fools.

Microsoft support is no help, if Microsoft knew what was going on they would already have semantic database engine, its only about 1500 lines of code, and they can cut and paste my current version, and go from there. Jeez!

Dumping xml

The funny thing about semantic web is that it takes off not because of some miracle of technology, but mainly because the industry is dumping XML as a database technology.  We were waiting for years for the computer industry to figure it out, we are a fairly dumb buch.

Venture capitalists don't scare me

NoSQL database company Couchbase, created earlier this year through the merger of CouchOne (co-founded by the creator of CouchDB) and Membase (founded by the key developers behind memcached), has scored $14 million in a Series C round of funding. Tech Crunch

Couchbase is a company one has to register to look at their white paper. Why not just go to my hub and read my wiki description. Couchbase was just invented out of the market, they are not needed when the world is Bson. The semantic engine will win this day, watch. The semantic engine is pen source, and makes the entire world Json/Bson compatible, generates it own query by example though simple derivation of Json syntax.

now I can see why the sqlite folks are upset, they took a bunch of shares to make Couchbase work. All a waste of effort because they didn;t get what just happened in the industry. Once the data streams are Bson, then semantic pattern matching and query by example are the only thing working.

Wait, this is Imagisoft';s business!

Udemy, a company that allows anyone to create and sell courses through its online platform, has announced a new area of its site, called The Faculty Project, devoted to courses by professors at a number of top institutions, such as Colgate, Duke University, Stanford University, Northwestern University, Vanderbilt University, the University of Virginia, Dartmouth College and Vassar College. While Udemy is a for-profit enterprise, the Faculty Project courses will be free. Inside Higher Ed
I have to check with the staff, I thought we had a patent on teaching people, or something.

Dojo, a JSON query syntax

Here Examples
data = {foo:"bar"};
results = dojox.json.query("$.foo",data);
results -> "bar"

?price < 15 & rating > 3
These little syntax elements will appear when JSON is used as a query. The resulting syntax is a lot like Typeface Exlposion. I will bookmark Dojo, the fist example to follow.

The system I am after is built in, query is part of navigation. So the json.query term goes away, but I still need the convolution operator. so I would get:

{{foo:bar.@},{(foo:*),Graph} ? First define the named graph bar, hen search for anything with that name on the sub graph, Graph.

But who knows right now. No one The confusion comes because the industry is just now figuring out that most queries are BSON queries on BSON data over the same path with the same data syntax. We are still human centric because human web access has recently been dominating profits.

Gingrich woos the Tea Party socialists

All the folks who voted for his pie in the sky space adventure. Tea Party trekkies, they do not even realize how socialist the proposals are.
Newt Gingrich’s goal to establish a permanent moon base by 2020 if he is elected president would be costly and shouldn’t be the space program’s focus, said John Glenn, the first U.S. astronaut to orbit Earth. Bloomberg
The is why the Tea Party failed, they were just small state welfarists Republican Communists.

Json as a search syntax

The industry is a bit confused, but getting there. They need a typeface explosion, some regex operations on Bson data. They are a month or so away, lotta time for me to finish the graph machine,

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Getting information about Imagisoft products

Or click on this link

Start there, the wiki page for the open software engine, designed and developed, right here on this blog, right in front of your eyes. This machine will reviolutionize enterprise data.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's a Json/Bson world

My latest web market survey of who is getting it and who isn't in semantic machine.

In the industry, one thing we should all be aware is that it is Jxon text in, Bson text between machines. Humans talk Json, and within Json they can have machine executable code, carry, script code, operator identifiers, and bound objects. The Bots carry this stuff around and request to apply the code at machines,

So the data base industry has to get what happens at the Bson level, how to the bots communicate?

How is my code coming?
Imagisoft's revolutionary , open source engine.

Great, I have nailed this thing. The solution is the semantic graph layer which can lie atop a number of machines, my preference still Sqlite3. My software will win this battle, it talks Json in and Bson between he machines. And the human console has a very free flowing, forgiving Json parser. The input Json query goes straight to sql based Bson, ready to rumble.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I love compettion!

Splunk collects, indexes and harnesses all the fast moving machine data generated by your applications, servers and devices - physical, virtual and in the cloud. Troubleshoot application problems and investigate security incidents in minutes instead of hours or days, avoid service degradation or outages, deliver compliance at lower cost and gain new business insights.Splunk
Control freaks in the corporation love this stuff. Little police bots running around in a protected environment. Imagisoft and a free thousand line of code get you a world wide graph layer, go anywhere in the protected graph layer, do anything in in (subject to local protections). Do it in bson binary with a human json interface, powered by sqlite micro code.

I'm coding!

I am now completely over my unixphobia, even beginning to like the command line. I am with the github movement, An the code is back to runnin the command line, an very improved, but incomplete.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I love competition

We got the mean blue machine cornered and open sourced
Lotusphere: IBM plans to push Watson to finance and medical markets
ORLANDO: IBM has revealed more of its plans to turn its Watson supercomputing platform into a viable business offering, outlining several of the industries where it believes it can find a market for the system.

Manoj Saxena, IBM's general manager for Watson, explained that the firm is set to target industries that generate and collect huge volumes of data as its core markets for the tool, including finance, telecoms and healthcare.

"The healthcare industry jumped out as one of the first areas we will look to market Watson, as information in the medical world is doubling every five years so it’s getting ever harder for staff to find the data they need," he said.

Saxena added that the capabilities of Watson would be vital for businesses that are struggling to keep up with the huge amounts of unstructured data being created and stored, which is as high as 80 per cent in some organisations.

"We will look at Watson as a line in computing where it advanced from standard computing to the ability to use reasoning on the information it can access to provide better insights," he said.

Imagisoft will give every adult anywhere their own. You got your Watson, we got our own:
Thomas Augustus Watson (January 18, 1854 – December 13, 1934) was an assistant to Alexander Graham Bell, notably in the invention of the telephone in 1876. He is best known because his name was one of the first words spoken over the telephone. "Mr. Watson - Come here - I want to see you."

Friday, January 20, 2012

I am beginning to see Woodrow Wilson's point

One Mexican State Bordering The US Was Deadlier Than All of Afghanistan Last Year
(CNSNews.com) – Organized crime-related deaths in one Mexican border state during the first nine months of 2011 exceed the number of Afghan civilians killed in roughly the same period in all of war-torn Afghanistan.

They are just up the street, armed, zombified and dangerous.

Free Visa to America with an on line degree

Tuition at the University of California
The LA Times has some choice quotes over the pain and frustration playing out in California.
Imagisoft is offering a one time deal, a California certified student visa for each new foreign enrolee!! With out agents world wide you get 1) A verified and monitored undergraduate on line degree 2) A four year vise to Amercia to wander around America and do as you please. Call now!!

Imagisoft is a certified California, on line school granter of unlimited student visas

Inequality and government policy

Failed government policy increases inequality when politicians push dis-similar needs of disparate groups onto central government. This is the most common failure mode.

Thing that map to DC and thing that don't:

Social Security seems safe because it has a similarity across the continent. Much of specialty medicine does not map to DC. Emergency room medicine is standard across the continent, and may well map to DC. Monetary policy does not map well to DC is the real world does not map well to DC. Earmarks, on a congressional basis might map, I think so but could be proven wrong.

Warming to the unix command line

Github has me using their command shell, unix standard. I find myself switching to it ore often instead of a grabbing a dos box.

Github, ftp loaded with complexity, but Good Stuff

I have this trick, bring up Windows studio, load the project and do that before executing the myriad of Github ftp commands with master-slave intelligence. Don't ware what happened, Studio tell me when a file is about to be changed. Unless you learn their data model, you can screw yourself.  But my brain is too valuable to fill it with the  versions of different data models!

Learning is getting the canonical graph of the thing. Github, is actually quite great groupware, Fossil, all of em. They add efficiency to the software.

I am a critic of Citizens United

So, to critics of Citizens United, I have a question: should those business entities have had a right to engage in SOPA/PIPA protests like they did? If so, what is the source of that right, and by what mechanism is it vindicated? Popehat
They always had that right, never been threatened.  If these entities performed collective action during elections, and their behavior was unusual and timed to effect the election, then these group of individuls may have created a conflict in the rights of others, the right to a fair vote.  I dunno, we have legislature to arbitrate between the two right, free speech and fair voting.  We have a Supreme Court to arbitrate any dispute between these two people rights.   But in arbitrating between the rights,the Supremes have no reason to grant additional rights.

If these folks are engaged in monopolistic action, that is a separate issue, and I do not express any opinion on monopoly business rights.

If Citizens United wanted more rights, they have to have a Constitutional revision, the same problem the rest of us face. Dim bulbs on the bench don't help one way or the other.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New kids on the semantic block

The key principle behind Mirage is to treat cloud virtual hardware as a compiler target, and convert high-level language source code directly into kernels that run on it.
Our prototype compiler uses the OCaml language (x3) to further remove dynamic typing overheads and introduce more safety at compile time. Paper
Check them out and compare with my stack:
  • Semantic
  • BSON
  • Graph
  • Hardware
Concurrency? Not a problem with convolution of serialized active BSON. Web wide index management, built in graph 'rail',  web bots in a web wide memory protected virtual active graph. Free concurrency management when treated as graph traversal.

ML the language:
fun fact n = let
fun fac 0 = 1
| fac n = n * fac (n - 1)
if (n < 0) then raise Fail "negative argument"
else fac n

There F#, and so on. What do they all have in common?
Step back, take the canonical view. They all are serializations constructed with sets and descents, and support  match and pass operations on a node-node basis. It is what we are getting, right here. CutnPaste license, patent free, BSON standards based, JSON console searching and graph construction, and embedded sql micro machine with high speed node indexing, collating call backs on match. Imagisoft wins again, they should fund me and I would just hire these folks, they are all doing great. Giggles of fun.

Imagisoft, where we beat the big boys with mere pennies.

Why are Bulldogs trashing their own people

Eight people were arrested on drug charges Wednesday afternoon after police investigated a central Fresno house that they say was being used to sell methamphetamine.

After serving a warrant at the residence in the 2300 block of East Webster Avenue, police recovered an ounce of methamphetamine and a loaded handgun, Lt. Joe Gomez said.

Several of those arrested were Bulldog gang members. Fresno Bee
These Bulldog gang members have already removed too much brain, literally. Look up meth brain scans, scary stuff. They have likely been using the stuff heavily for years, often right out of middle school.

So what does the Hispanic community do?

These are their people, blowing holes in the minds of their children. This is all around me, this arrest was up the street, across from the junior college.  these folks likely a major supplier. These folks would go out in a blaze of shooting, they really know themselves that they are about done for. Seriously, the meth addict knows real soon that he really screwed himself, disabled themselves. So they have this sense of primitive revenge, get as much pay back before they are useless.

Hispanic parents? Seriously, the welfare is going away if your children are becoming Zombies. How do you ell if a young kid has had brain removal?  Simple, around here they only know one behavior, the stick two fingers out, do a little finger jive, then say, 'Yo man'.  That's it, that is their life skills after a year of this stuff.

I debugged code!

Worked out a bug or two. So proud.

Loops in the control

Controls of complex things, like managing a local respository and a remote repository.

Try to avoid loops, like check out local, then push to remote, then commit local, then they ain't sunk. Git allows lots of opportunities to loop in the control path, bad form an means the user cannot just play dumb.

Southwest States of America elect Perry president

Perry bows out of GOP race, seeing 'no viable path to victory'

Suggest the boy do less Tent Revivalism and focus on the lack of fair voting for Texas citizens.

Pope demands more fairy tales

Pope Benedict XVI says Roman Catholics in the U.S. need to understand the "grave threats" to their faith posed by radical secularism in the political and cultural arenas. AP
I wonder if he is talking about me. I get paranoid when the religious psychotics start bad mouthing the materialists.

How much will Republicans cost us

  • Romney: $600 billion
  • Gingrich: $1.3 trillion
  • (Late lamented) Perry: $1.0 trillion
  • Santorum: $1.3 trillion
The numbers (reduction in 2015 tax revenues, from the Tax Policy Center): Baseline scenario
The link says these are increased deficits in 2015, alone. Can we push something $3T through those puny 19 bond dealers in one year? Pay for 80% of federal spending with debt? They sound awfully hyperinlflationary to me, you know, end game.

Mild slowdown, soft landing

My recession indicator smoothly goes up a bit, so I expect the previous quarter to be down a bit. Compare that with mid 2008 where we had a sharp reduction.

A git repository up and running

Embedded SQL

I have ten windows open, following instruction, fixing a known dll install problem, managing my git from the web, local git manual (five windows) , remote help. All in all, my self taught course in cOde repositories has left about five local repositories and about the three left hanging in the web. Whew!!

Is it not like the old days when we just FTPed a file! Naturally I left all the CRLF in the file. This is a 'no no' in Unix land where they strictly enfocre the sole LF as end of line. But the editors don't care too much.


Nice chart from Brad.  He removed long term growth trends from long term Treasury interest rates, thus showing the difference between growth and rates. They should correlate, interest rates dhould represent differential growth in inventory from trend.

Brad asks the question, and the short answer is yes, interest rates on DC treasuries can be much lower than growth rates of the American economy, mainly when the West coast uses another form of money. If the peripheral become disconnected from he center, their money decorrelates and Treasuries mainly measures growth around the Mid-Atlantic.

We have a name for the phenomena, Zero Bound in DC.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Recognize Cuba

An American man imprisoned in Cuba on charges of crimes against the state was being tracked by island authorities since 2004 and traveled there at least five times in 2009 to set up sophisticated wireless Internet networks, according to a purported leaked court filing.AP
They have smart phones now anyway. Any president worth beans would say, time to move on, recognize Cuba. Tell the Cuban mob in Miami to get lost. And I like Castro and His Beard

I wrote three lines of code

Proud of myself, basically starting with insert graph. It is so powerful and so version three I though it fun.
In any graph, within the sl microde range, just use insert after rowid.. In the process converting all object pointers to relative value, hence change the call back on suggraph bounds..

And doing it in fossil!! But still no web repository, I have managed to screw that again. And if I keep screwing with fossil on the web they are going to make me write the security qwuetion page, for password resetting. That is JSON, been there ten years ago, doing that stuff with name:value pair in the URL code. Don;t wanna do JSON, wanna do high speed mobile BSON graphs.
So I am still using the g page on the right.

The secure webotic password manager

The web bot is a self directed nested store, defined on a graph layer with just a few methods for mobility, matching and indexing.  A web bots that is trapped inside a closed graph, that bot can be a single process, self check summing itself along a single access database of files.  A completely automated soldier bot in  the castle, looking at the jewels, constantly on the alert with its ongoing check sums.  Under the Imagisoft nested convolution system, the jewels are easily protected.

What's this all about?
Take the sandbox model of byte code we use in browsers, extend that model across the 'web', grease the web with a mobile graph layer.

Gingrich and slurs against Italians

Because Obama is Italian, the tag 'Food Stamp' President is implied to be a racist?  Does this charge mean that Gingrich has less faith that the Italians will not get out of the sovereign mess and will need Food Stamps from Germany?

What about Bob?

The Richard Dryfuss movie, he being the pompous self indulgent trying to look scholarly, and Bob, just being Bill Murray. Listening to this guy, try it, he is yet another welfare bum looking to get the federal government in his grand scheme.  Find me a small government consevative, rather than yet another in a long list of Communist aparachicks.

What does the title tell you? This guy has great big plans for DC, paid for with your dollars.  Tell me how this guy and Eric Cantor are any different from any other welfare bum?

Ilya Shapiro lousy legal scholar, Jonah Goldberg ignorant fool

As legal scholar Ilya Shapiro writes, “It cannot be any other way; in a world where corporations are not entitled to constitutional protections, the police would be free to storm office buildings and seize computers or documents. The mayor of New York City could exercise eminent domain over Rockefeller Center by fiat and without compensation if he decides he’d like to move his office there. . . . [R]ights-bearing individuals do not forfeit those rights when they associate in groups.” NRO

Why does idiocy migrate to the law?

 Shareholder property rights, outside or inside, the corporation have never been threatened. Their rights protected in search and seizure rules because they are people rights, the right of property owners. This bozo forget that corporations are owned by shareholders, and then he gets Jonah Goldberg to believe  his fantasy.

There has never been a legal right to invade corporatation, just like there is never a right to invade the home of shareholders, the right ties to the people.

NRO please get a better legal scholar to quote, look for someone not quite the Dim Bulb, look outside your circle (step out of the box, maybe?)