Monday, May 21, 2012

Database NoSql market

My quick examination shows it budges, merely. But it is budging in the right direction. Question and problems being proposed that strongly hint at Json semantic processors. I will push it a bit. No code today. It is a game between kernel developers and project managers. The project managers increasingly ask about a Json kernel, and developers secretly making one.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Still more code!

Leaving parts of the Json code in a page on the right column of the blog. This is the cursors implementation. I will be looking over the market in a few days, see how close we all are. Making the personal Watson device.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

More code

I added my parse attachment to the join machine. And my memory databases, three types. I keep it on a page way over to the right. Industry note: 10,000 really smart geeks and about 1,000 lines over all, using my sqlite3 adapter. This is open source, this is so much like js template, javascript, sql joins; its obvious. The best business are tools to organize data as Json expression trees, then the engine makers will speed it up.

Piss Trucks: America's Savior

Seriously, give me a stats group from the UCLA Matrix Studies on Meth, and one or two piss trucks. I speak as the fifth vice director of the 1500 patient meth hospital across old 99 at motel row, just north of Fresno. Let the guys from UCLA pay variable hotel subsidies for clean piss along hospital row. They will clean it up fairly quick. I know their game, with a mobile delivery system these guys would be great.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Treasury curve, flatter than a pancake

Reading the curve, isn't the ten year at 1.75?

When the curve is flat, then  Congress is losing customers, multipliers are less than one, and the federal net is being rolled back.  Soon the Great Exogenous will be a puny little swamp land, selling delusions of grandeur for zero price.  Hardly an economy that can support a 16 Trillion debt.  What the heck are those bozos in DC land thinking? They can't even sell Social Security anymore.

When the curve is this flat, banks have no utility.

Mish hammers Brown!

Gov. Jerry Brown announced on Saturday that the state's deficit has ballooned to $16 billion, a huge increase over his $9.2-billion estimate in January.

Lawmakers and others were hoping that a rebounding economy would help the state avoid steep cuts to social services. But revenue in April, the most important month of the year for income taxes, fell far short of expectations, leading to a shortfall of at least $3 billion in the current fiscal year.

The state has also spent $2.1 billion more than expected, according to the controller, further worsening California's financial health, Mish quoting
I didn't vote for Brown, preferring California bankruptcy. But I had warmed to the guy, he is at least honest and he seems to be restrucuring as fast as possible. Brown's problem is he is good enough to sustain the unsustainable for too long. Our normal Guv is usually a dumbshit like Gavin Newsome.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

DeLong's democracy seminar

Folks, go to Brad's site and follow the goings on.  We are interested in any research relating to the lack of fair Senate voting in the USA.  We are looking for any researcher who gets the problem.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I posted two files on the right, the left json join and the interface.  The left  json join is the modern Watson, all 260 lines of it.  The copy I put up is not complete, I am still being a bit of a jackass. The real question is how do I write code in the middle of trench warfare with the Mexican drug cartels?  Moore's Law makes it possible.

By the way, where is Nancy Pelosi and her $200 billion to pay for the continuing genocide that  she and Diane have going on up there in meth land?  How does Jerry Brown the Jesuit sit idly by while Nancy and the SF goons continue to run the great American Genocide.

When the CEO of Princeton economics shuts down economic research

Then it moves from Princeton to MIT where smart folks actually do work.  Economists at Princeton can all quit their jobs and become union advocates, but Princeton can forever forget having a real economics department again.

Excplain why again, three years after the so called period of Keynesian mispricing, economic research is still halted?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Jim Hamilton proven correct on oil peaks again

Look at the Brent oil crude picture.  The most recent peak is above the second most recent price peak.  And, the East Coast is having a down turn.  We can confirm this in a month or so with the Ceridian.

LA Going Belly Up

The Big Budget Picture

Budget gaps are no rarity for the City of Angels in recent years. It seems like an annual tradition. In fiscal year 2011-2012, the city projected a budget shortfall of over $400 million. For 2010-11’s fiscal year, the tune was the same. As was 2009-10, and so on.
L.A.’s chief administrative officer, Miguel Santana, noted that the budget shortfall is likely to be much greater by 2014-15. “Every year it gets worse,” he said.
The chain of events is always the same. City officials announce a budget shortfall and the mayor seeks to bandage it with gimmicks that fail to address the underlying causes.
Criticizing Villaraigosa’s approach to last year’s budget shortfall, City Controller Wendy Greuel said that ”kicking the can down the road is not a solution when we can anticipate a growing structural deficit in future years.” She was referring specifically to a plan Villaraigosa outlined to borrow money to solve part of the deficit. But her summation applies to the inept budgeting approach of the city for years.
Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan predicted increased hardships and eventual bankruptcy if drastic action wasn’t taken by city officials. In an editorial he penned in the Wall Street Journal in 2010, he wrote, “Los Angeles is facing a terminal fiscal crisis: Between now and 2014 the city will likely declare bankruptcy.”
Riordan is not shying away from those comments. In a recent phone conversation, he told me that bankruptcy for L.A. could come “as early as next year.” Cal Watch