Saturday, June 30, 2012

Republican Communist Party Watch

House Republicans on Friday demanded Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) bring to the floor a plan to avoid massive defense budget cuts scheduled for this January. In a sternly worded letter, House Armed Services Committee chief Rep. Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) accused Reid and Senate Democrats of blocking a vote on a Republican-drafted plan to avoid the budget cuts under the so-called sequestration plan. Defcon Hill
Cowardly Republicans doing the Boo Hoo, "Mommy, I want my goodies" I am with Harry Reid, go ahead and sequester, let the cry babies go somewhere else. What we have here is another attempt by the Republican national Communists to add another trillion to the 11 trillion in debt these Republican bozos already created. They are cowards, and "Buck" should know 1) California pays a 25% tax premium for his defense goodies, and 2) California is short eight Senators, so why and the hell should California defend a place that affords us no democracy?

High Speed Rail is dead

And thank God we avoided another Democratic National Party boondogle. The majority in California is against it, the thing ran into a wall of regulatory nightmares and lawsuits, and the Cal legislature turned it into a patronage system. Nor did Jim Costa, my rep in Fresno, get an agreement from small states to happily send us billions. So the DC House killed it, saving us all from a nightmare. In related news, BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) is outperforming all those steel rail vehicles that Democrats plastered around LA (LA Times). Now LA county has to decide how to rip out the steel rails and replace them with BRT.

Stiglitz has a fantasy

We should realize that the resources in our economy... today is the same is at was five years ago. We have the same human capital, the same physical capital, the same natural capital, the same knowledge... the same creativity... we have all these strengths, they haven't disappeared. What has happened is, we're having a fight over claims, claims to resources. We've created more liabilities... but these are just paper. Liabilities are claims on these resources. But the resources are there. And the fight over the claims is interfering with our use of the resources.
Nonsense. Oil is very short, and will continue to get short. We have a global economy which, as of 1995, has an instruction sheet on how to use energy efficiently. The web tells them how to do this. So, since 2001, increasing numbers of global citizens get on the web, learn how to use energy, and they buy oil. Stiglitz is simply in denial. Here is the video, you can watch the full fantasy action if you have time to waste.

Jerry Brown gets stupid

He met in secret with John Perez and Steinberg,  Cal State legislative leaders, and signed off on a bunch of special interest giveaways.  This was in violation of the law, I think, and caused much stir in California.  It is especially stupid for a governor who is trying to gain the confidence for a tax hike vote.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The universal semantic web browser, complete

Not debugged, but it compiles.  1500 lines of code, and will Match,Pass,Collect and/or Replace any data on the web when presented as a finite JSON expression tree. It digests CSS files, and with the SQLITE3 adapted, can browse and write any sqlite3 database, any. It has a natural interface to the GUI, when the screen is modeled as a finite JSON expression tree. It accepts mouse input as fetches from a JSON finite expression graph. It presents any data to the screen as a finite tree of JSON expression nodes.  And with a key word extractor, it can read and write plain text formally as JSON text, which is a finite expression tree. It can give and take any Json expression graph from the net, the files, or remote terminal.  Always listening, no Same Origination Policy.

It is all based on the finite convolution of two JSON expression trees, generating an output expression tree.

For example (Warning: Never take my syntax as correct):


That code will filter mouse inputs by selecting the node pointed to and write the key value for that node at the proper location.


Take a glob of supposed JSON text from the console and parsed it into structured JSON expression tree in the default memory based database.

Modules are easy. I have the Json parser module, the Json emitter, console, file, net.

We need a Replace operator. I see the Equals in the horizon.

Anyway, what makes this possible?  All of computing, is in reality, a finite Turing convolution of two finite graphs containing electron charge.   Then Moore's Law clicks in, allowing much denser graphs.  So we get these quant points, where a single layer can dominate for the Moore's Period.

I am not releasing any code for a week or soon, just going to whoop in Glee that I got here first.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rendering nested key words

The goal here is to dump the Same Origination Policy

I need a 200 line browser code, one that will divide the screen up into a nested graph of key words. I need to demo the concept of a full HTML browser executed within the left join context. I need this:


Where @ means Json left join as always, and * is the wildcard data base.  The join in this case simply descends the dom tree and appends the screen using the native code data base.  Everything here follows the model of one Json tree out from two Json trees in.

Under 200 lines of code?
If I discount the Windows boilerplate, thee yes.  My only native methods are computing tab count and row count from the cursor variables, then doing a text out.

Mouse input:


Here native code is only an input, fetch, and it fetches single node objects containing the button up id.

So, yers, no more same origination.  From now on, smart template.  This works:


So I think this works:

Why not?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I wrote code!!

Well, partially. I took an existing Windows Dll loader and attached it to the system dll load key word.  I needed a quick way to incorporate exiting module.  This was all part of a two month ponder of how th display rendering software is changing due to Moore's Law.  This machine can render screen shots by treating the screen as a gaphical database, a Json expression tree.

So based on this discovery, I CutNPasted my dll loader into my Json Left Join, then began to ponder. Still pondering...

Friday, June 1, 2012

Brad DeLong makes humor

major reason that the crisis is intractable. The first issue is that Northern European bankers and investors loaned Greek politicians money when the Greek politicians did not have a mandate to raise taxes to pay that money back. DeLong
I mean, hilarious when we apply this formula to California and Texas. Californian's have 1/5 the Senate vote in DC, Congress has no moral mandate to raise taxes on California to repay the debt. And the problem gets worse when the next census hits a mere 7 1/2 years from now, when Senate representation in the face of Western and Souther migration wipes out any sense of democracy for the large states. Just reconciling these two views and still remain a card carry member of the Great DC Exogeny requires an act of Schizophrenia.

How bad will the Senate skew be after the next census?  Thekew measured in Senate malproportionality will go from 30/1 to 40/1; California basically out of the union.  California cannot exist with the DC oligarchs dep0riving them of democracy, California will have to go bankrupt and be split up; or go independent.

How soon will this happen? Within the adjustment period of Obamacare, within the vu graf period of Hish Speed Choo Choo.  7.5 years is the time it takes to adjust social security.  None of these things will be done when the Caliornia/Texas issue dominates.

NoSQL getting hotter

Doing some due diligence and checking out the market movement in the web database arean. On of the fruit companies (Mango?) go funding. So I will be posting more code from my version of the Watson JSON kernel and components. I might even make the production version a git hub, but the small amount of code almost makes it non-sensical. I will still be improving my SQLITE3-JSON adapter, and hiding it from the sqlite3 community, just to be a prick! But the Sqlite3 folks are hard at work, I am sure, so yes, our person Watson's will soon be here, and woe be to Footbook when they arrive. I have not yet looked at the Microsoft version, they were to publish their view of the Semantic Processing world by now.