Monday, September 24, 2012

Whoops on energy

–Oil Prices and Growth: Jeff Rubin looks how high oil prices could cap economic growth. “For most of the last century, cheap oil powered global economic growth. But in the last decade, the price of oil has quadrupled, and that shift will permanently shackle the growth potential of the world’s economies. The countries guzzling the most oil are taking the biggest hits to potential economic growth. That’s sobering news for the U.S., which consumes almost a fifth of the oil used in the world every day. Not long ago, when oil was $20 a barrel, the U.S. was the locomotive of global economic growth; the federal government was running budget surpluses; the jobless rate at the beginning of the last decade was at a 40-year low. Now, growth is stalled, the deficit is more than $1 trillion and almost 13 million Americans are unemployed.” From Bloomberg

Friday, September 21, 2012

Egad, federal bailout of state pensions?

Have no fear fellow colonialists, the web site is here:

No Pension Bailout

Wedging technology into transportation

At the head of the pack is San Francisco-based startup Uber, which allows users to order so-called “black-cars” — high-end sedans, limousines and SUVs — from their smartphone. The mobile application, which is available on Apple’s iPhone and Google Android devices, displays the wait-time and shows the car’s progress on a GPS-enabled map. But as is often the case when insurgent market players attempt to disrupt entrenched industries, Uber has run into resistance, most recently in New York City, where the Taxi and Limousine Commission has put the kibosh on the company’s newest effort, to apply its service to traditional “yellow” taxi-cabs. Read more:

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Boring day

That is all.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Better economics leader calls for more insults toward Muslims

Hezbollah leader calls for international law against insulting Islam and says people who support offensive Mohammed film 'should be punished' I think everyone should burn Qurans, call Muhamed a molester and womanizer, and generally make fun of idiotic fantasies. Come on Hezbula, come and belt bomb me.

Multipliers less than one

Since Obama has taken office ….
[through Q2 2012 for comparative purposes]
--> For every $1 added to the economy, we’ve added more than $3 in debt
--> added $5.23 trillion in debt vs. $1.68 trillion to the economy
--> 50% increase in debt vs. 12% increase in economic output
Total Public Debt:
$10,626T [Jan 20, 2009]
$15,856T [Jun 30, 2012]
--> $5.23 trillion increase in debt
[source: Treasury Dept]
$13,923T [Q1 2009]
$15,606T [Q2 2012]
--> $1.68 trillion increase in GDP
[source: BEA]

Read more:


Someone wants me to comment the lab code I left on Github.  I do research not coments.  If you want a comment here is is: The entire web is becoming a single JSON expression tree.  The computing model is the simple join of one part of the expression tree with another, result in a new JSON tree component.

Production code, the beginnings, is on this blog, look right. That is all. Imagisoft is moving on to other fundamental research.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jerry Brown, hell bent to destroy California

No need to explain, my readers need just track Dan Walters as he narrates the unfolding disaster.  Dan is very good at sorting out the various disters comtemplated by both Brown and the numbskull, John Perez. These two bozos simply arte determined to destroy California, I have no idea why.

Paul Ryan and the 8 Trillion debt catastrophe

If anyone thinks the Republican party believes in sound fiscal planning, look no further than Paul Ryan, lil Bush and the 8 trillion is debt they added. They created the economic debt catastrophe we are facing. 

Obomney is a liar and coward, he won't get my vote, I am voting for Obomney.

Brad Delong, shilling for the Oligarchs

BERKELEY – When the French politician and moral philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville published the first volume of his Democracy in America in 1835, he did so because he thought that France was in big trouble and could learn much from America. So one can only wonder what he would have made of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. Here
Tocqueville was watching Manifest Destiny in action, the ability of Americans to move west, make states and recover the democracy the the Senate constanty steals. Manifest destiny is what made the Senate work. Manifest Destiny stopped in 1865, and demographics has created a massive un democratic oligarch strangling the economy. Let me remind Brad we in California have 1/5 the Senate vote we should have, Brad knows the problems this cause, he knows this is a big part of the problem, and Brad covers this problem up because the UC Berleley economics dept is a shill for the system.

The constitution has a normal response to this problem, pass out more Senate seats. The entire un democratic catastrophe can be eliminated with a 19 words: "It is the consent of the Senate that 28 more Senate seats are available to the large colonial states" That decree adds 6 trillion in debt capacity in about five minutes and completely solves the the delusions current in DC. The Senate cannot do this because both national parties are royalist jackasses with no sense of democracy. Seems odd since the American foreign policy is that shooting at oligarchs is the right of every citizen in the world. According to Hillary, it is perfectly fine for me in Fresno to shoot the next DC bureaucrat I see.