Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Success on the debugger

I got most of the functionality working, and I mostly stepped through a snippet of code with function calls, and it mostly worked. Actually I debugged code that put up a window and was able to step right over all the calls and put up a window, via the redneck debugger.  So, proof of concept, this will wok.  current buggy code here.
In the screen shot, the Redneck debugger is the left. The editor with the source under test to tyhe right. Tiny to see, but it has a status bar.  The watch window prints the access error on a watch, it does try and catch.  On stepping, the status bar gives line number and next line.

It works, robust, and 175 lines of python, everything is visible to the user, test it. Load up the 175 lines.  Both the text box and the text box interpreter work from the fake text box in the fake text box widget, no shadow buffer.

Screen Shot:


On something like this, a short snippet, the license is generally cutnpaste, if you can cut it you, can paste it.  Mainly, the idea here is a simple demonstration of methods, mostly stolen, put together for purposes unknown.  It has to be cut and paste.  I will play with this, it is quite fun.  I will add some trace capability from the interpreter.

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