Friday, November 4, 2016

3 billion shares per day, 10 million trades

The numbers I have heard.  Go with the 10 million rades a day, four machines, connected by fiber.  I add another 20 machines down the hallso traders can run their analysis tools one hop from he pit.

What is anyone to say? I set the pit boss to Stocks, set trade resolution to profit neutral, that means cycle pricing will restore the pit boss bit error back to zero. The site is non-profit.

I leave my card attached.  On what basis can the DOJ arrest me or my bot?  I simply set the configuration to map from symbol to probability then to node.  The fact that I made it fair, honest, and automatic just made the algorithm popular with stock traders, I didn't intend to.  I never sent a virus, they sent them to me.

Have the SEC call me, I will be in Bahama.  I thought folks were just selecting pet names.

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