Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Another smart card!

The Merkel: Hardware wallets are secure devices that store the private keys (the unlock mechanism that gives control over the token balances of a public address) in a secure environment, i.e. the device’s flash memory. Storing this information in dedicated equipment is one of the most secure ways to hold any cryptocurrency.
With a hardware wallet, a user can authorize transactions in any computer without having to worry about  malware intercepting the private key.
KeepKey offers an innovative hardware wallet, featuring a 3″ OLED screen, a single button to authorize transactions, an aluminum case to house the electronics, and a hardware-based random number generator.
The Merkel Tree is a kind of graph,, organized by time of arrival.  Used as he format of the BTC block chain, go back far enough and you can guarantee an honest bit coin to some guaranteed limit. Go all the way back and get a full guarantee.

But, I digress.  Coin technology had a smart card, now KeepKey.


KeepKey will be keeping an eye out for the evolution of the technology, slim chip format, plastic packaging.  That is about here.

What we need is a way to put these into auto trade, make sure they understand the trading pit concept. Sort of the next step in the Redneck plan.

How about a python interpreter in this thing? Minimal requirement, maybe 100 kwords? 

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