Friday, November 25, 2016

Apple, Google, Inttuit andf Paypal; a proposed banker bot consortium

Examining the Extensive Regulationof Financial Technologies
Financial Innovation Now is an alliance of technology leaders, including Amazon, Apple, Google, Intuit and PayPal, that are working together to modernize the way consumers and businesses manage money and conduct commerce. We believe that technological transformation will make financial services more accessible, safe and affordable for everyone, and we promote policies that enable these innovations

This group is mostly about writing_letter_to_daddy(), the letter that explains to the regulators exactly what transpired, when and by whom.  This group wants to keep central banking money, and seem clueless about the  bunching problem that occurs.

They make a big error in assumption

The trader bots are always an order of magnitude than any letter_to_daddy(), they will always be.  And as long as Goggle and Apple are tying to protect their turf, they will always go socialist and invite the central bank to participate in every transaction. The net will bunch up with these bozos.

My consortium will eventually figure out how a' sweaty wad of cash' works.  Who knows, some VP at WalMart will one day look at the check out counters and discover: "Oh, that is what a sweaty wad of cash is".  Figure it out, understanding a sweaty wad of cash, BitCoin figured it out.

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