Thursday, November 17, 2016

Apple's patent is invalid with respect to Banker Bot or Smart Card

Apple has filed a patent application for a “virtual assistant in a communication session.” On first glance, application 14/713,410 might scare developers of chat bots and the like, but Apple is specific in the scope of their claims – Siri, their virtual assistant platform, will be able to directly communicate with either user in an iMessage conversation and then be able to act on the instructions given. The other participant of the conversation will not see messages intended to Siri, nor messages sent from Siri to the user activating her. This is somewhat different from current implementations of chat bots and virtual assistants in chat programs, in that the classical chat bot for, say, IRC, would be accessible by most of the users of the chatroom.

This is Apple trying to patent public information, and it will not work since I have an implementation of banker bot theory that is over three years old. As far as the Swamp is concerned, there is no way to enforce the patent, the theory and code components are well known and go back many years before the patent application.

What Tim's patent really means is that iPhone does not get banker bot, and iPhone user's will not have pure cash.

Sorry Tim, try paying attention next time. 

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