Saturday, November 12, 2016

Biz Carson gets it right about Silicon Valley delusionals

Business Insider: Anybody who's looked closely at Silicon Valley over the last couple years should not have been surprised that a lot of its leaders are completely out of touch with reality in a lot of the country.
A startup Juicero raised $130 million and told the world it was going to solve the "produce gap" in which people don't eat enough fruits or vegetables. Its first product? A $700 wi-fi enabled juicer that looks great on a kitchen counter but does very little to help the very real problem of affordable access to fruits and vegetables, especially in food deserts.
Then there's the litany of other "problems" Silicon Valley is solving: private chefs on-demand, a startup to take out your trash for you, or an app that connects people who are down to lunch.
The silly ideas are easy to write down to the age-old differences between the rich and the poor, between Palo Alto and podunk USA.

Like the one where  technology allows us to order a pizza on the phone. How did those kids ever figure that out?

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