Saturday, November 5, 2016

Card Logix knows this stuff

they have the software tools need, and they made their smart card technology usable for a number of applications.  There is, evidently, a good set of executives at that company.

Noe, as an Ethereum member, ask yourself, what is the pointy if the so called Alliance of EMC cards gets their way? Your whole organization is crap, the bankers are giving away all the credit info.

Fund a project to at least provided encrypted transmissions for credit cards over Ethereum POS.  otherwise, we are all wasting out time, the security breach is too big.

The other problem.
The trading pit will take off, mostly looking like the one I described.  It will generate far more trades then any of these bogus bankers can handle, trading pity almost demands crypto currency, or at least the banks are going to have to down load software to verify credit at the pit..  The technology will eliminate the banker all together unless he gets a clue.

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