Saturday, November 19, 2016

Channel theory works better

The complexity theorists show that entropy is always increasing in the  government channel.  Otherwise known as redundancy decreasing.  It takes forever for government to get all the particular groups to line up in an independent set and march down Broadway. Hence, the block structure never closes, someone's goodies is taken away before the parade begins, and the parade isforver delayed.
(ANTIMEDIA) Mathematics, a report published by Vice’s Motherboard prior to Election Day suggests, proves society is so complex that democracies have been rendered irrelevant.
According to a study carried out by mathematicians at the New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI), it is difficult for government entities or single individuals to debate what these mathematicians call “social policy” if the goal is to find something that works for everyone. Once we consider that members of any society are simply too complex, the study suggests, we are able to understand that the systems of government currently available fail to meet our expectations.
While the implications of this complexity are myriad, one of the issues more broadly discussed in the study revolves around government’s own inability to address this complexity, no matter how you slice it.
[T]he concept of civilization as a complex organism,” mathematicians concluded, “is qualitatively different than either [democracy or communism].”
Why Complexity Matters
According to NECSI’s director, Yaneer Bar-Yam, “[t]here’s a natural process of increasing complexity in the world” that at some point will “run into the complexity of the individual.” Once we reach that point, Bar-Yam added, “hierarchical organizations will fail.”
Bar-Yam’s team seems to have learned that concentrating the power to organize society in the hands of a few individuals is absurd. After all, optimal decisions targeting society cannot be made by a group of individuals detached from it. This is precisely because issues are better dealt with by those who are affected by it.

We see yhe problem in the Swamp where California just bately gets its schoolgirls in the parade and tyhen, suddenly, it Texas' turn and the assembly whirl to loop back around and move the Texans in fronty.  But after two or three years, Texas will discover their goodies never come from the Yawl=kers, and we get regime change.  The schoolgirls have to wheel around for he second time.

This is normal, the graph never really normalizes.  What is not normal are the relative sizes of the segments that make up the parade. We can see that in the bond market, more than 1 trillion in value exchanged suddenly with the election.

Why noty fix yhe problrm?

We do, about every 100 years we have a civil war, otherwise known as fermion statistics, the statyistics of agglomeration. We ate, essentially, waiting for California to figure something out, and, as we have seen, LA has gone over the edge ultimately resulting in  sever strife own there..

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