Monday, November 7, 2016

Cheating is OK in the New America, and so is secession I suppose

Voters in Florida have reportedly been complaining that they aren’t receiving their absentee ballots they requested. Friday, it was revealed that Democrat insiders are filling out the absentee ballots themselves.
Mike Cernovich released the breaking news around noon Friday of a group of election employees in Broward County, Florida who were caught red-handed, filling out stacks of ballots.A woman identified as Chelsey Smith has provided her sworn testimony of the incident via affidavit.   Smith said she was employed through a temporary employment agency, working full time at the Broward County Supervisor of Elections (SOE) office in Lauderhill, FL.
This has an effect, and Obama cannot figure out that he has given us permission to ignore just about all the nonsensical laws he has created.  We have  no obligation to the Swamp, they have declared their right to cheat, that means the deal is off.  

We have Schumer, Sotomayor, Obama, and the Kanosians, they all tell us  they are going to cheat us because they have a secret equation in the Swamp.  You folks do not have a secret equation, you folks ate going to get screwed by the bots, and you will take most of NYC with you, making it the new Detroit.

See the pattern? Detroit, Chicago, New York next.  The common theme, boneheads in the Swamp convincing poor fools about the magic formula, and the formula never shows up. Bloomberg and the welfare bums know the pattern, they see it approaching.

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