Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Configuring the pit for public pensions

Set up is simple.
import tradingpit as Pit
Pit.boss = PensionFund

User sign up is: Log onto site, click smart card on the verifiable pension fund  that matches your employment contract.

Pit boss internal restrictions"

The rules an include mandatory bid by employmenyment entities, in pension support.  It has a hang time rule, some bids will hang as necessary, ten years even.

Look, well how are Dallas politicians fixing it?  What ate the bond vigilantes saying?  And those looks become  ideas that get compressed into contract parameters, like, simple cycles on the graph and minimum graph precision rules,  Of course, the pit boss will bear much more risk than a traditional S&L configuration, because entry and exit is rather restricted by the life time hypothesis bounds. But the pit boss risk is counted, its in the net accumulation of bit error when the fuud is considered as a consolidated, marked to market sheet (conforming probability graph).

The risk is mostly about assumptions n the lifetime hypothesis that have to be built into the pit boss rules, mostly about taking the risk to keep the graph within a much narrower balance than surrounding pit bosses, run by hedge funds.

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