Saturday, November 5, 2016

Corporations have right of free election speech, humans have no right of free election assembly

Bloomberg: The U.S. Supreme Court reinstated a Republican-backed Arizona law that makes it a crime to collect early ballots from voters and bring them to a polling place -- one of the most popular and effective methods for Hispanics and Native Americans to vote in a state where polls have shown a close race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
Acting three days before the presidential election, the justices granted a joint request from state officials and the Arizona Republican Party, intervening after a federal appeals court voted 6-5 on Friday to block enforcement of the law. The Supreme Court on Saturday set aside that decision in a two-sentence order without explanation or public dissent.
That appeals ruling had been handed down as election officials in North Carolina, a critical swing state, were ordered by a federal judge to restore thousands of voter registrations that were canceled and a judge in another bellwether state, Ohio, barred Republican nominee Trump and one of his advisers from engaging in Election Day voter intimidation.
Similar lawsuits against Trump and Roger Stone of the group Stop the Steal have been filed in Nevada, Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania as Republicans and Democrats alike zero in on getting more of their voters to the polls by Tuesday in Trump’s tightening race with Clinton. Federal judges in Arizona and Nevada on Friday denied requests to issue orders similar to the one in Ohio.

Our court is a bunch of confused dingbats. 

We know there is a conflict, fair elections vs basic rights, and that they are oft in conflict. They used elections and basic rights to infringe on freely selected corporate contracts. Now they are in the quandry, anybody with a contract should be able to exercize their rights on election day. Being an actual human voter is no longer the issuer.

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