Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dan Abrams, you are an ignorant

ABC opinion: Imagine for a moment if the tables had been turned and Trump had won the popular vote but lost the election. I am guessing that many of his supporters would have been far less forgiving about this little historical quirk in our voting system. Overt disdain and distrust for the “rigged” system would likely have been far more prevalent. And rightly so. Clinton supporters (and Al Gore supporters for that matter) and many in the media, appear to be far more accepting maybe because the numbers indicate Clinton voters were more highly educated and therefore may better appreciate the history behind the electoral college.
They, we, should all be outraged not because Trump won but because the majority of voters lost. After covering the 2000 election I said the same thing (interestingly, as did Clinton) to mostly deaf ears and was going to echo it here if this scenario played out on either side (insert disbelief in comment section from those who refuse to believe anyone could have a principled, rather than partisan view of this issue).
Simply put, consider my home town.  How would that work? We vote for President Trump and we're still stuck President Jerry Brown of California.  Your plot demands the breakup of California, Texas, Florida and New York.  You  missed the opportunity, you were out to lunch when the folks in California decided the issue, pay attention.

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