Monday, November 7, 2016

Definitely will need Pokeman Coin

Dunno much about the gamer, except the search needs pricing.  Let's make Pokeman bank a real, fake brick and mortar display.  Players get mysterious announcements that Pokebank well betaking some losses on a bad channel.  They have to find the bank, get some PokeCoins on deposit.

Put Pokeman bank inside the mall, the mall shopkeepers can do a deal with the Pokeman company, they install PokeyBanks to operate in neutral, Amber.  Then customers can tap price beacons and pay for goodies with Pokecoin, redeem them when they leave, or leave some on deposit at Pokebank.  Good credit, see a nice goodie? Hey, take out a Pokebank loan.

In reality, pricing is in dollars, the bank is very conservative about price fixing, and the contract thus incentivizes customers to leave heir spare Pokecoins at the bank. So outstanding digits at Pokebank will be low.  The mall operators will have to block open access to Pokebank, everyone would want to save them, collect them and trade them. They would be overwhelmed, actually, and it should be in the contract, do not overwhelm yhe pit boss with affection, this is a rigged precision coin, a shopping token..

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