Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Delusional Cookie Monsters headed to the White House

Market Watch: Eliot Cohen, a Johns Hopkins professor who served in the State Department under Condoleezza Rice, said he was asked by a Donald Trump transition aide for recommendations on assembling the national security team.
Apparently, it didn’t go so well.
When Cohen, according to the New York Times, suggested many foreign-policy hands would join only if there were credible people leading national-security agencies and departments, he reportedly got a nasty emailed response.

Clueless nuts was the implication,  Somehow hey got the idea that quick deals for cookies can be made, and that it is all fun and being big shots.  None of them, not a one, has noticed the jump in rates. They will wake in about a month, discover we are all laughing at  predictable, blowhard Yawkers.

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