Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dimension N has dimension N+1 as a quantization boundary

Wiki on spaceyime:
In everyday life, there are three familiar dimensions of space (up/down, left/right, and forward/backward), and there is one dimension of time. Thus, in the language of modern physics, one says that spacetime is four-dimensional.[9] One peculiar feature of string theory and M-theory is that these theories require extra dimensions of spacetime for their mathematical consistency: in string theory spacetime is ten-dimensional, while in M-theory it is eleven-dimensional.[10] The quantum gravity theories appearing in the AdS/CFT correspondence are typically obtained from string and M-theory by a process known as compactification. This produces a theory in which spacetime has effectively a lower number of dimensions and the extra dimensions are "curled up" into circles.[11]

This comes up all through mathematics, a N dimensional model can be derived from it N+1 model.  The extra dimension really  gets you a reasonable X axis, and that seems necessary to satisfy Professor Ito.  I call it the clock, as in sending digital information.  But it is ultimately a cheat because that leaves God at N+2, always a mystery.  I have no answer.

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