Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dysfunctional parenting

Parents can afford to educate their kids.  That would be a dysfunction.  Lack of money? No, lack of smart parents. It is a dysfunction, if you are a parent and your child is badly educated, you are dysfunctional.  
Maybe you are confused, and thought the Dills Act, or NCLB would educate your child? They did not, that makes you a dysfunctional parent by confusion.  What ever the cause, you are a parent in a true blue (or red)  state and you cannot educate your child, you must be dysfunctional, it is the definition of dysfunctional.
LA Times: California faces a statewide teacher shortage because so many are leaving the job and so few are entering the profession, according to a new survey released Wednesday. And most school districts surveyed said the problem is getting worse.
The staffing problem is both wide and deep, with 75% of more than 200 districts surveyed reporting difficulties with filling positions and low-income urban and rural areas hit hardest.

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