Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Elon Musk, it was never sustainability,it was always government price fixing

Solar stocks hammered as sector expected to lose out in Trump administration

Talk about the lunatic fringe. Hordes of Silicon Valley delusionals praising this stunning innovator. Meanwhile, his entire gamble is based upon idiotic California environmentalists.  His 1/35 affirmative action Senator will not save his ass.  What would have saved his ass was a little bit of knowledge about Magic Walrus and proportional voting.

Perhaps  the alternating blue and white on the Fred chart? Had he just looked at that chart he could have accurately prepared for the adjustment.  I instead, he bets the company on Solar City. "I am a hero, saving the planet", he declares. Horse shit, you are a global warmer getting subsidizes from nut case California legislatures.

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