Sunday, November 13, 2016

Ethereum and hardware key enforcement

There exists foundry pressing out foolproof hardware key and processor for the handheld device. The correct operation of the foundry means a universal cash device, and the great bulk of ethereum enforcements of fulfillments result from card to card exchanges.

When we strip down the chain of enforcement, ethereum is stuck, they have nothing except that the distribution of hardware keys is an ethereum bot controlled process. Oherwise, every transaction comes with send_letter_to_daddy().  Impossible, the pits compress the bets, they are going to happen, there is no letter writing events.

So, we have this initialization pricess for the foundry bot.  It is sitting in a box, you turn it on, then step back.  It monitors block chain verification reports as the keys are attached to thumbprints, and keeps that coherent with pressed cards going out.  If the human gets near, it shuts down. This is going to be fun cause we will screw up the start up two or three times and be hard forking a bunch of keys. But we know that, and CardLogix in on this lies flies on... They will get it right.

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