Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ethereum and regulations, a puzzle

The UK regulators have invented a parameter called frequency of opening the book, which the third party dealer is subject to.  Now, this is a pit boss rule, and no an unreasonable one for a collection of traders to agree to.

So, we get a contract boding service on ethereum, it bonds a pit boss to be measurable from the regulator rule.  The service informs all trader bots, simultaneously as possible, and privately, when the pit boss has crossed the line.  It does not tell the regulator.  This is fair, this is freedom of speech and assembly.

Government bots are free to trade and scan the graph, as long as their bots are bonded, like anyone else, and they pay cycle price.  Traders do not get access yo smart bot owner IDs.To the extent that pit boss regulations are constraining; cycles on the graph will a bit rare for the traders, their operational knowledge of violations is more uncertain.  

But the government bot will eventually impose a mean cycle tax,you can bet your booty. Government bots will impose a tax theory of operation a segment of the total theory of trading pits.

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