Sunday, November 6, 2016

Facebook uses maximum entropy channel stuffing

I was reading a quote from the CFO, even he gets it.  He talked about the maximum capacity of the ad stream and then userer stream, said the channel was nearly stuffed.

Facebook counts clicks along the chain, from the original user stream, their message box, and then onto those photo sites, all linked, plus pauses at yhe vaious enteryainment themes, its a graph.  Their bot rides along and counts clicks, and in change over spots, shifts to a new window, the bot sneaks in an ad to offset a local abundance of user stuff.

They have an ad placement pit boss. Iy matches ask/bid, where user clicks count as a bid to watch n ad.  In thaty grph hoping and counting, they have some ad hoc red/green measurement.

It works, mainly because he channel capacity is matched to the streams, co-adapted. So, whatever users think, they are there, it must have value.  To me? Yes, Mr. Zuckerberg, I get caught watching some of the stream, well done.

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