Sunday, November 6, 2016

Familiar story for the large state

The Dallas police retirement fund is blownup, Dallas politicians are talking a 130% property tax increase.

Zero Hedge reporting: "You had the perfect storm coming together and all of them screwing it up," said Fred Fraizer, president of the Dallas Police Association. "So, now who is on the hook? The taxpayer, the employer, the officers that receive the pay."

If you look at the ballots on eight year boundaries, and some two year,you find 90% of the hoopla is the national election.  But 90% of the ballot measure ae ill-thought scams, borrowings, and schemes.   Voters in the lathe states have a clear burden, they have to track the national parties, least they crew up; but if they glance away, even for a moment, corrupt local politicians start stealing.  There is only some much utility in politics, and it only works then government is fairly local to the voter.

We will split the union, maximum entropy government channels are essential. Politicians always screw up unless very closely watched.

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