Tuesday, November 29, 2016

From biometric news

Mobile bank offers hand recognition authentication
UK bank to extend trial of behavioural biometrics security
Visa and BioConnect work to enable multiple biometrics on mobile apps
Spanish bank offers ‘selfie’ service to open account
NEC aims for face recognition for payments by late 2017
Mastercard to roll out biometric ID service in North America

The proper viewpoint is that we will select some set of biometrics to make sure your bot only follow your instructions, this is about you having control.  The banks point of view and the individual point of view agree.

In the Secure Smart Card model, the identification biometric goes no further than the card itself, no one else is looking at your face, and certainly no human.  Once your card knows you, the system is safe. Safe in the sense that human disagreement are immediately moved out of the system, into customer service.  So, if the clerk wants a biometric look, you have to OK the delivery, it should not be necessary as long as your card knows you.

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