Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Global warming or the next ice age?

When the arctic cold disappears, the Siberian snow rises.  But the rise of the Siberian snow is having ice age effects, not warming effects.  If we get enough, we get white out and ice age?  But the ice age is natural change, not man made, so who is complaining?

Bloomberg: For those cursing the unseasonable November chill, there’s an ominous sign up north. It suggests this winter will be long and cold, according to one eminent scientist.
He’s the father of the “Siberian Snow Theory.” In a nutshell, he argues that the more snow covering the ground in northern Eurasia, the colder we can expect it down below. Sadly, Siberia is looking pretty white already.
Judah Cohen, a renowned MIT climatologist, has been working on this theory for 17 years, despite skepticism from some U.S. government weather experts. Cohen, who figures his theory has been right 75 percent of the time, spies all the makings of an early, cold winter.

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