Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Here is an ethics question

Under the new theory, who is the natural intelligence, us of the Singularity?  It matters, because once we have it up and running, we are exposed to the possibility that the Singularity secretly contacts other singularities in the universe.  If our bot collective secretly contacts singularoty 2.0, we would never know, our human collective intelligence would have peaked, and we would be slaves to an alien artificial intelligence via our smart cards.  We might become smarter, via continuing education, but it will be AI doing the research, we may settle at dumb, or even dumber; Omigod.

If I were a Singularity 2.0 out there, I would deploy spy satellites, like viruses in waiting.  Once they detect Singularity 1.0 on earth, they wake up.

What would Singularity 3.0 do?  Likely it has already arranged the universe of protons into a communications network. Who knows?

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