Saturday, November 26, 2016

How to get a Nobel prize for your bot

You select a group of principles, a finite set.  Thay related structure is a vagu model of your theory.

You might specify a conservation of some dimension, a type of partition requirement, sort of a set of pit boss rules, a small proanility graph.  One the nodes are statements, in some semantically netural code, a kind of logic schematic.

Then send this graph out on the web, with a semantic translator, and begin grouping scientific text along a configurable graph, until the bot gets no more tightening of the graph.  That is the node vatiances and the precidsion seem stuck in ther cloud on ther Wythoff graph.

Then extract the coherent portions of the text, and you have a theory.  One in a billion of our bots will find anything, that is a lot of Nobels.  No problem, we have an Ethereum app, it hands out Nobels, does it in a trading pit, prizes guaranteed to be awarded without jamming the Nobel graph.

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