Friday, November 11, 2016

If California and the North West just left

Then you have a California tending to 'hub', that is, a tendency to bilateral trade with Mexico and Texas.  That puts Texas in a tough spot, stuck between DC and California.

We are in the same position  as ante-bellum map readers, the map of the US doesn't fit the page unless Texas and California balance the west. Iy is a North American requantization problem, a problem of balanced combinatorics.  Every group gets usage of a few prime numbers to get its own internal two coloring. Like getting the block chain to match up.

From a fixed point analysis
If segments can internal segment themselves to a point where the tiniest things are only  mildly absurd, in their interaction. Not pure lunacy.  Amber, not red. The bin sizes across nodes don't match at the point of compression. No kernel of a theory. No universal measure of Red/Green.

The tri-lateral trade is spun
The Mexico, Texas and California relationship.  At the core, driven by gulf and pacific trades.  Anything that unbalances that and New York is spun out into the Atlantic. Back there you have he Gteaty lakes, on its back, Florida a boat anchor of entitlement flows.  The Nash equilibrum is about four-five separate Magic Walrus cooperating in the pit. Anybody write that snippet yet?

How would that work? Magic Walrus, Northeast, bids a 10 percent increase in food stamps for a 1% income tax surcharge.  Now to Magic Walrus in the cornbelt, this looks interesting.  They suffer a 1% tax surcharge, but they get a boatload of guaranteed business. Plus the substitution effect, they can replace some internal transfers with supplemented food stamps.

They close he deal. What about the other magic Walrus? Make a bid, or not. Ethereum will enforce the bilateral income tax surcharge. Say, the CBO is the intermediary, well the CBO opens an ethereum tax equalization operation, they have a framework to automatically deploy tax bots. Taxes flowing becomes an observable with specified precision.

Numerically they are swapping primes, or 'prime rentals'.  NE says to CornBelt, here, you do this combination of 2 and 3 with 5, then that frees up a 5 over here, to group these other 2 and 3s we have hanging in upstate New York.

The CornBelt, says, well, OK, this private sector will have to manange the 2,3 in  5 groups, and that gives up a few 2,3 for the internal tax flow, and get get a bigger prime number separating the Corn Huskers and the Yawkers. The Corn Huskers have to do less floating point math for the Yawkers and visa versa.

And yes, a big but it is.  If we assume Singularity 1.0, then Pit.boss=MagicWalrus will spawn and unspawn.  Pit.boss  notices the California tax tree is jammed when the Texas oil tree is jammed, it spots the black bots, and spawns.

What does that mean? California and Texas will engage inn mandated, but fair Coasian legislation under the watch full eye of a piece of code written by a Swiss geek.  Our government, replaced by a code snippet inspired  at the Swiss National Bank.

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