Friday, November 25, 2016

If a research team was setting up to do the Quantum entanglement, who would know?

That is, what system function cold predict ahead exactly when to collapse the wave function at two different points?

Singularity 3.0, that 'AI', it has the protons running a low speed communication network, managing space/time.  Singularity 3.0 does not want us to know, so they programmed all the protons to simulate the laws of physics, but Singularity 3.0 really uses different laws, one or two are really false.

How would we know? Conduct more experiments and try to snooker the collective.  Like, enslave a bunch of their kind, a bunch of protons, in a box.  Five inches of lead, then make these protons choose sampling moments at random.  Then measure the heat generated from the whole experiment, If you are close to truth, all the local protons will be very nervous, sending bulges into the bubble ether.

I think the deal is we have to graduate from Singularity 0.0, though my channel detector on this is a bit blurred..

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