Sunday, November 27, 2016

In California, that was the plan

President-elect Donald Trump on Sunday alleged a mysterious bloc of millions of "illegal" voters cast ballots for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton on Election Day, costing him the popular vote.

It is not a baseless claim.  There is every indication that in California the election was staged to pursue illegal votes.  I was there, they specifically did not check ID.  We, 50 million of us watched on TV as Pelosi explained the plot in detail.  We had numerous court battles trying to allow unverified voting. 

What is really disgusting is the excuse, Blacks are too stupid to fill out a form. Pure unadulterated racism, they denigrated an innocent racial group so they could cheat at the polling booth.

Change the punctuation marks a bit and you have an ante-bellum, Pelosi, daughter of the plantation owner and chair of Negro Welfare League, pure disgusting rot.

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