Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Investors ready to drop 4 billion on a file error?

Yahoo has for the first time formally raised the possibility of Verizon backing out of the $4.8 billion acquisition deal, because of the massive email hack the company announced in September.

$4.8 billion deal down the drain.  The sender should send the hashed, decrpted email address and password.  Yahoo can decrypt it, look up the data, then dump the e mail address.  They could work it so they never actually see either password or e mail.

Or, they could have listened to me, formed the smart card standards to make secure digits.  It is live and learn, Yahoo paying a huge price and being excluded from a new trillion dollar market.

What is the corollary?  If you lose our stuff, then you can recover.  Recovery begins with supporting encrypted, secure smart card technology that protects us.  Otherwise, we assume you plan to go off and steal out stuff again, like Walmart, we hit the back button.

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