Monday, November 28, 2016

It is impossible to 'compound' in the trading pit

Compounding was another of those delusions, it really cannot exist reasonably in a well counted economy.

Trading pit counts well.  When the S&L tree re-quants, your bot aearns some bit error,  right then and there, into the control of your local bot.

Collect them up to integer, and drop them back into the S&L pit.  There is no time to compound with,  tyhe pit does not know time. Your bot deals with only the probability of waiting in line so your bot is not instantly more knowledgeable than the next.  A re-deposit is back in line and a new ball game on the graph.  Your trading bot should always check its options with other pits, least it suffers the delusion of compounding. And, take a quickscan before dropping a deposit, see if the wait is long.

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