Tuesday, November 8, 2016

It is surrender or else

We will have the black market for bots, DOS  attacks, phishing bots, wake up and sniff.  They will trace data paths based on news paths and so forth.

We are sort of stuck, it works because channel stuffing works, and we have to make channel stuffing available on on a  fair basis.

What it means, specifically, in the pit bosses have to spawn  automatically.  The system will always have to generate a fair trading pit where black bots dwell.

This is not my conspiracy, psychosis, it is real;y happening, now.  The web is becoming a hybrid, sometimes channel stuffing legal, sometimes not; the two forms cannot co-exist.

Allowing spawn should not big a problem, though it is a recent innovation, it comes from necessity.  But it sort of removes humans from control, a bit, it is like the second step in the singularity, it can be scary.  We will run it in the lab first.

What does spawn mean in our contract dictionary?

The pit boss recognizes a stable subgraph, it is making an implicit virtual coin and becoming 'owner' of a standard S&L to handle the implicit coin.

The spawn will last as long as the significant subgraph holds. So that means our general contract may include a spawn, and if so, it has to include an unspawn. There is an essential bound in all pit bosses, the volatility of bit error accumulation.  When bit error hoes systematically down or up, the signal is unspawn or spawn.  The two items must both appear together in the contract,


The cycle price, it can be adjusted from near zero and up.  So, black bots get a competitor, on the margin,  Denial of service? No problem, charge a penny, typically a tenth of a cent per cycle on most web recursions.   You do not even need smart cards right away to do this. When the DOS bots arrive, just present the membership login to all new entries, and the posted price.  Just explain there id a price today due to denial of service attack.  Eventually you will get a clue, that clue being: Give everyone the encrypted Smart Card.  But in the mean time, regular member press get login automatically beacuse they have a smart autocomplete.

 Even today, the intelligent autocomplete solves a bunch of these problems. Make it self verifying to itself and to others, then define the DOS protocol sequence.  All parties agree, then the auto complete pops up and says,

"We have a DOS at the site, it cost a penny today, OK?

Painful, but automatic.  Nothing in the technology prevents this today, except that autocomplete has to be protected, it needs our pass code every few transactions to maintain elf verification, and even then autocomplete will need an external bonded verifier. A verifiable autocomplete? That is 100% the currency bankers job.  The Fed should have the standard today.

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