Wednesday, November 9, 2016

It wasn't Obamacare, exactly

At the time it was a 50/50 split, voters were willing to try, a bit of innovation.  The problem is that all brains, including most voters, had done this before, with Most Children Left Behind.  We kind of got that working, after ten years and nearly going broke on tyhe pension  volatility it caused.

So, we say, OK, we expect it to be volatile for ten years, a bit risky.  What do voters get in response? A torrent of lies and delusions about the program, accompanied by huge premium increases.

Why the premium increases? Because Obama quit adapting the program to  make it fit the channel.  He could have easily adopted a universal, but small co-payment and soothed out the transition,  making it temporary even,

He did not.  He and the delusionals reasoned that they had got their quant stuck on the graph, it can ot be  budged. So they started the election process and all the mis-information ensued. They lose the election.  The channel knows all, so pay attention to it always

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