Friday, November 18, 2016

Jerry Brown knew that Obamacare would be a friggen mess

It was quite well explained to all the politicians that Obamacare would ultimately become a huge state budget problem, and then a huge consumer problem.  It has, it is likely  to be repealed,making Texas the big winner,. Texas, you know, that place where business grows and people get jobs. California politicians are delusional, California is thus bankrupt.
State funding for public safety, education, infrastructure, and programs for the truly needy in dozens of states will be swept away in a flood of Obamacare Medicaid expansion costs unless lawmakers quickly change course.
In all 24 of the Obamacare expansion states that have released a year or more of enrollment data, sign-ups have already exceeded their projected maximums, the Foundation for Government Accountability reported in a study released Wednesday. Combined with per-person costs that were 49 percent higher than expected last year, Obamacare expansion enrollment is set to swamp states’ ability to fund taxpayer priorities.
Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion makes working-age adults with no kids and no disabilities eligible for a welfare program that was costly and ineffective long before Obamacare. The 24 states with a year or more of data available expected no more than 5.5 million would ever sign up, but their expansion enrollment is already 11.5 million – more than double its projected all-time maximum.
Alaska, Indiana, Louisiana, and Montana have not yet released a year of enrollment data, but have all reported Obamacare expansion enrollment higher than their expected maximums, FGA vice president of research Jonathan Ingram and FGA senior research fellow Nicholas Horton noted.
“Medicaid expansion already makes welfare for able-bodied adults a higher priority than services for the nearly 600,000 seniors, children with developmental disabilities, individuals with brain injuries, and other vulnerable individuals currently languishing on waiting lists for needed Medicaid services,” Ingram and Horton wrote. “Mounting overruns will soon exacerbate pressure on policymakers to shift even more money away from the truly needy and towards ObamaCare’s able-bodied adults.”
Obamacare expansion benefits are 100 percent federally funded through the end of the calendar year, which has shielded states from billions of dollars in cost overruns since expansion took effect in January 2014. That will soon change.
If Obamacare remains in place, states will be on the hook for five percent of their rapidly rising Medicaid expansion costs starting in January. And if President-elect Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress fulfill campaign promises to repeal Obamacare, federal funding for Medicaid expansion could be cut off in a matter of months.

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