Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Jerry organizes an army of House members

CalWatch: With just a few years left in his marathon return tour as California governor, Jerry Brown has promised not to back down on his climate policy in the face of what could be a powerful change in priorities from above in a Donald Trump administration.
Moving to reassure his party earlier in the election season, Gov. Brown had signaled critics of his approach to environmental policy that he’d organize opposition to their agenda if they increased their political power. “In August, Brown vowed to ‘vanquish’ climate change skeptics,” the Los Angeles Times recalled. “‘Bring it on,’ Brown said at the time. ‘We’ll have more battles, and more victories.'”
California does not want to be the only state with hefty oil taxes.  So his camp will be pushing for increases in federal oil taxes.  He could get a deal if it results in more debt deluge for North Eastern Republicans.  But Texas retains an almost veto.