Saturday, November 5, 2016

Multi-currencies in the pit

Post the relative prices, and precision.

global coin_prices = []
global coin_precision  =[]

If the bots  are running the graph, then the bots have already signed the contract and know it is in a multi-currency pit.
Pit.coin = MultiCurrency

What is the neutral price of a multi-currency bid?

The bot almost knows it when it sets a bid or ask price, they are posted, but always out of date.  The pit is accurate relative to the update period in getting currency values.

So, select a linear combination of currencies to form a price.  Under contracy, tyhe pit boss will compute one neutral price.

 You have a trade, and you have pit uncertainty.  But it was always there, it was just not distributed fairly until now. Currency risk, there is no reason any of us should suffer it more than any other.

Remember a bot is a bunch of verified python code from someone anywhere. So, the bot is likely just waking up, checking currencies, looking for arbitrage. Great idea, welcome to the pit, and a quick look at posted prices is almost free, it is not really a cycle on the graph.

I am not someone describing a restrictive structure, by no means.  I mean, if you have a cheat, a tale, an angle, keep it private, run the graph, your own priva4 verified code.

But if you screw the economy, outside of the pit,  the bots know it and they get jammed on the tree. They will make bets on who the frig jammed the tree, and they will find you. Your distinct pattern will show, like that dead branch on the Ethereum chain.

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