Monday, November 14, 2016

No fun without the missile

Volkswagen's upcoming, all-electric I.D., previewed in concept form a few months ago at the Paris Motor Show, is as important to the company as the original Beetle and Golf. The concept car showed off all kinds of futuristic tech that seemed like fantasy, but one of the I.D.'s coolest feature will make it to production–its heads-up display.
Speaking to Autocar, Volkswagen design boss Klaus Bischoff confirmed that the company was hard at work making the I.D.'s "augmented HUD" a reality when the car reaches production in 2020. Normally, we don't get too excited about HUDs, because in their current state, they're little more than gimmicks. But the I.D.'s promises some game-changing features.

I know the technology, it is all about watching the missile. 

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