Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Now Mr. Ping Pong

 Commie rats are promoting censorship in the inner tubes.

My concern is digital cash.  We have exposed their insidious plot to forcea  letter_to_daddy on all digital transactions, we got that exposed.

 Now he is in a predicament, he has to either come right out, and demand we use his proper name, or suffer the ignoble name, Xi Ping Pong, like he is some French  gaming diversion.
Reuters: While China's influence in global technology has grown, its ruling Communist Party led by Xi has presided over broader and more vigorous efforts to control, and often censor, the flow of information online.
China infamously operates the so-called "Great Firewall", the world's most sophisticated online censorship system, to block and attack Internet services the government deems unsavory.
Xi repeated China's pledge to "promote equitable global internet governance" while upholding "cyber sovereignty", or the right of countries to determine how they want to manage the internet.

China's rubber stamp parliament adopted a controversial cybersecurity law this month that overseas critics say could shut foreign businesses out of various sectors in China.

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