Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Now you tell us, Mt. Perspectiver

Perspectives on the debt issue:

He is correct the Lil Bush was a deranged deficit spender who was about as clueless as a hamster, as pointed out.

But, you sere, I remember telling folks this, Obama is not a deficit spender.  But I got drowned out by nutcases like yourself, and Dean Baker, who were saying, how wonderful that Obama is driving up the deficit higher,  Obama wasn't, he drove the deficit down faster than any president since WW2, I think.  Baker, by being incompetent, caused Obama's party to lose the election.

Here is a clue, tell the kanosians, when you see them, you cannot order 50 million households to obey your model simply because you are deficient in probability and statistics.

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