Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Obama leaving a winner

The US economy grew 3.2% in the third quarter, according to newly revised government figures. That’s just three-tenths of a percentage point short of Donald Trump’s goal for growth, which is 3.5%.
Employers have created nearly 2.4 million jobs during the last 12 months. Donald Trump’s goal: 2.5 million new jobs per year. Again, we’re almost there.
Trump, the incoming president, campaigned on a litany of complaints about the economy’s performance under President Obama during the last 8 years. He repeatedly called the Obama economy “disastrous” and a “total failure.” Yet Trump now stands to inherit an economy that’s gathering steam and could make his first year or two in office a new standard for prosperity.
Trump supporters argue that recent economic news—almost all of it upbeat—is due largely to the fact that Trump won the presidential election and is now generating new hope about an economic revival. But it’s easy to break down the latest developments to determine which predate the election and which come after. The following updates were all published recently but refer to periods before the election, when most polls predicted Hillary Clinton would be the likely winner:

But our fate is now in the fate of some deficit loving twerp from Wisconsin. 

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