Sunday, November 13, 2016

OK, here is an ethical question

Say, we allow government to deploy tax bots.  Do we have to thumb print on that?  I mean, we have already composed a bankruptcy condition on the card, how can we add mandatory taxation without a thumb print?

My readers will see the problem right away, an incoherency between MagicWalrus agreements and the bunching of tax bots.  It will figure out the proportional voting problem, seriously, you will get trading pits that are critical, but they don;t clear util  most card buy one dollar of a government fulfillment.  The pits have to, they extinguish bunching everywhere, and of you tie them to a tax obligtion, they will demand proportional voting, almost on an ad hoc basis; often demanding an imediate vote on some issue from some selected geographies.

Ethereum, it will be like that Jefferson guy, constantly hounding about some unbalanced tree.

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