Friday, November 25, 2016

On line EMC transactions are secure when your computer reads EMC wireless.

Forbes: Traditionally, “if you had your credit cards scanned or stolen — your credit card number, name, expiration, and CVV — someone could theoretically, and they do, have the tools to reprint your plastic card and go into a store swipe that card and purchase goods,” says Erika Dietrich, global director of payments risk at ACI Worldwide, which handles electronic payments for more than 5,000 organizations and conducted the survey. However, it’s difficult for them to reproduce chips. “While they do have the capabilities,  it’s costly and sophisticated and not as easy as reprinting those fraudulent cards,” says Dietrich. However, that has shifted such activity online, where chips have no security benefit.
Our computers can easily read the wireless protocol and encrypt line transactions, you will be safe.  But, first, the chip reader has to become standard issue on smart phones and computers.  It is essential since your computer will be setting up the card for autotrade.

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