Sunday, November 6, 2016

One of the big banks is deploying SIMON, a pit boss!

eriously.  They do not use the ame form as I, which sould be:

import tradingpit as Pit
Pit.boss = SIMON
Pit.coin = USTaxDollar

I haven't seen their code, wonder of its python.  The SIMON pit compresses bids for corporate structured debt, otherwise known to Right off the top of my head, try this.  Tag each part of he compound structure by the unique identifier Y.  Then Huffamn encode by timr, and make the bids on time, more time more price.  Fulfillment Y, therefore, is clicking the clock.

In jest, you should learn to separate jest from serious, but in jest.  After a bid/ask is annihilated the pit boss sends a request to Ethereum to please tell this bozo when  his interest payment is due, according to the local clock, unadjusted for the bots current velocity.

Anyway, here I am assuming time rate of preference is the Red/Green indicator.  Bid/asks are more interested in the time structure, so make time a commodity..  The seller of debt takes an unbiased risk as the pit boss has separated out his debt structure, and they will bubble according to individual probabilities for different terms.  But that is ok, the corporations offering debt are running the graph, they know what to do.

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