Monday, November 28, 2016

Only in Illinois

Officials from a small, cash-strapped suburban school district have been under scrutiny this year for what critics say is excessive spending, from extensive travel, to adding friends and family to the payroll, to secretly padding the superintendent's pension.
Now, they are facing new questions about how the district has shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars for taxi services in recent years under a no-bid arrangement.
Since the 2011 school year began, Bellwood School District 88 has paid People Cab Co. $605,000 to shuttle homeless and special education students to and from school. More than half — or $311,000 — of those expenses were authorized by the board during the past two school years alone, records obtained by the Tribune show.
Bellwood's taxi bills far outpace those of surrounding districts, state education records show.
Suggestions for Illinois.  School board members should read and add.  Had they those two skills, then they would have realized early they will be busted.  

After voters let the bums rob the till, where do the kids go? California, they join the homeless army in LA, and they stay homeless as California teachers drain the till.

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