Monday, November 21, 2016

Phil Gramm, liar Texan

“It is a problem and going to be a problem. Don’t forget that Obama has doubled the debt and if interest rates were at their historic norms, the deficit would be $612 billion bigger,” said former Sen. Phil Gramm (R-Texas).

How many time do I have to put up this chart showing that, indeed, Phul Gtamm is a liar, Texans are socialist bums,. and Republicans are always the party of communism. 

 Obama did not run up the deficit, that little jackass Paul Ryan did, the twerp, and you can see him and the Bush kid left the Swamp in deep debt. 

 Obama reduced the deficit at the fastest past ever seen on the post Nixon shock era.  Notice every other Republican administration was an administration of monster government and deep debt.

Thre answer to the question is simple:

Republicans control the Swamp.  Hence, with 100% certainty the deficit will shoot way up, very fast and we will crash.  That is always the result of Republican Communist rue, that is why we don't like Commie Rats.

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