Thursday, November 10, 2016

Queuing rules for traders

I think simple enough. Traders have complex programs, but they are threads.  When they call any of the iterators on the graoh, they release, and let the other bots already on the queue stay in front.  That is first in first out.

But each call to the iterator, is a pause for the thread.  Simple, easy, fair.  From the protected pit  everything is done within the iterator intialize. I also makes sure the selector function is verified.

The only jumping of the queue would be the pit boss, under contract.
Every next call, tick the bots cycle count, he pays current rates.  But, his selector  function cannot count to a zillon, the selector can get a singleton, push it onto his list, based on a condition the trader designs,,decide to skip the bin, skip the descending graph, or skip out.

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